THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER GRAND OPENING JUNE 18, 2010!!!!! has received official confirmation from Universal Orlando that the Grand Opening Celebration for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be June 18, 2010. This is to be an amazing event featuring multiple Harry Potter actors including Tom Felton himself! Stay tuned to for more news leading up to this exciting event!

Update: Universal has confirmed that vacation packages purchased for the May 28th date will be honored. All future packages will be from June 18th on.


  1. yayy thats so Awesome 😀 Can’t wait to c the footage i live in Canada, and still cant go ! i have never been to U.S.A since i was 4 :'( its my wish though, but my biggest dream is to travel to U.K.Australia, New Zealand and Europe :)such beautiful countries!! anyways i hope more actors show up to the event 🙂 cant wait to here more abt it !

  2. Wait it’s opening in June? How is that possible? Universal released a press statement saying that the park would be open before the vacation package dates. Plus the vacation packages offer grand opening tickets. Then there’s the today show and the contest they are holding which sends the winner to the grand opening in may. Sorry if I sound angry or whatnot, i’m just confused.

    • Universal has confirmed to us that the people that bought the packages will be let into the park. It’s the grand opening celebration with the actors present that occurs on the 18th.

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