New Robin Hood Tax Commercial


As we previously reported, Tom Felton worked with director Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, Bridget Jones, etc.) to film a video to help promote awareness of a proposed “Robin Hood tax.” According to the London Standard, the “Robin Hood tax” is an idea proposed by a group of more than 300 economists and businessmen, where there would be a small tax on financial transactions that occur only between large institutions. There are estimates it could raise more than £250 to £450 billion a year worldwide. This money could then be used to help fight global climate change.

The spot was officially released today, and although Tom has no speaking role, he can be seen multiple times throughout.

12 thoughts on “New Robin Hood Tax Commercial

  1. Its an awesome Idea, and they wont even notice. Beside the goverment have bailed alot of the banks outa trouble, by the govermnet i mean us tax payers so why shouldnt they give back to the people?

    And I do love guys in Hoodies, not chavvy hoodies proper hoodies.

    Good work Tom 🙂

  2. gosh tom looks so young here! which is really a good thing, and i would know, considering how old i really am & how old people think i am 🙂 but i work for a bank. so i have mixed feelings about this…. good thing i don’t live there. now i don’t have to feel either way about it! LOL

  3. This is actually a very excellent commercial! It’s only in England you can see things like that, nowhere else!

    To take the idea of a gang, linking it to the very characters of Robin Hood and His Merrymen, and to the very tax itself, couldn’t do more than drawing people’s attention, I think. It’s goes with the actual context.

    Thomas was at his place, where he belongs: with the ones willing to get things right.

    Concerning Sir Ben Kingsley, I was glad to not be at his place! *Though weather for bad bankers! *lol*

    Cool poster design, btw!

    With Love,


  4. I’m so willing to say something good…but i didn’t catch ANYTHING Actually, because the quaility of the video is terrible 🙁

  5. he does have a speaking role, at the very end. I know this because i recognise his adorable voice and i watch Harry Potter too much 🙂

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