Official Photo Of Hagrid’s Hut Released By Universal recieved an official photo from Universal Orlando today, depicting Hagrid’s Hut as part of  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

An authentic replica from the Harry Potter films, guests will pass by Hagrid’s Hut on their way to the Flight of the Hippogriff family-friendly roller coaster. Just before they board, Hagrid instructs guests on how to properly approach and fly on a Hippogriff.

As we have previously reported, Tom Felton will be attending the Grand Opening scheduled for June 18th, as well as multiple co-stars from the Harry Potter franchise.

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14 thoughts on “Official Photo Of Hagrid’s Hut Released By Universal

  1. Hogwarts is nothing without his devoted giant gamekeeper! Hagrid is the most endearing giant character I ever got the privilege to come across a book series. To not pass by his house and his lessons would be a blaspheme.

    Somewhat, the warm atmosphere coming out of his hut recalled me very much the one I used to have during summer holidays at the Brendal, in Dordogne, with my biological father’s family. I think than Thomas would have had loved the place…

    With Love,


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