Reminder: Tom Felton live webcast today at 3:15 PM, London time

Tom has confirmed and reminded all of us today on Twitter that he will be on a live webcast today at 3:15 PM BST (Click here to see what time it is in BST right now.)

The website gives some more details about the event:

Watch and listen to our exclusive interview with actor Tom Felton as our Sorting Hat conjures up magical questions from our film clubs across the UK. We discover the real man behind Draco Malfoy, learn about his journey and adventures in the wizarding world, and, as the Hogwarts’ Express departs for new pastures, we ask, what is the next stop?

Click here to join the chat room and get ready to watch the live webcast!

UPDATE FROM MISHA: If you were not able to see the webcast, here are some screenshots!

8 thoughts on “Reminder: Tom Felton live webcast today at 3:15 PM, London time

  1. Yep, yep, just caught sight of that. I’m not sure I’ll make it on time to watch the webcast, today, though. If someone can manage to record it, upload it to You Tube and pass it on to you, it’ll be cool. Thanks, guys.

    With Love,


      • I simply enjoyed it from beginning to end! This Live interview was a neat treat! Thomas has been natural and calm into any answers he’s given to whatever he’s been asked to.

        The moment I liked best has been when he had explained why he loved Hawaii so much, for he’d been in Paradise there. And that whenever he’s feeling tired of life and wanting to be inspired, he’s thinking of it, bringing a smile onto his face. I respect and completely rely to that, for it’s the same for I, save than the place I’m thinking about is Tôkyô, Japan.

        With Love,


  2. I enjoyed that! Very entertaining and a lot of interesting new stuff…!
    (Would love to know who’s going to be his “son”.)

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