Tom Felton talks Harry Potter during live webcast with Film Club

As we informed you before, earlier today Tom participated in a live webcast with Film Club, where he discussed the industry, his character, and the entire Potter franchise that has made him famous around the world.

Thanks to our friends, we have a nice little overview of some of the topics that were discussed:

  • Tom talked about Draco’s dancing in Goblet of Fire, saying that he rehearsed for four weeks, but maybe a few seconds were shown on screen.
  • He spoke about auditioning for Draco’s role, including the fact that he made up knowing anything about the books when director Chris Columbus questioned him and other Draco prospectives.
  • He said his biggest personal achievement was playing in Soccer Aid a couple of a years back (though notes he’s terrible at football – soccer), but he was there to “boost the appeal of younger kids.” He said he was nervous at playing in Wembley stadium, and playing along soccer greats.
  • Tom said he’d love to work with all the Harry Potter directors, with Tom Hanks (as actor or director, like his project “That Thing You Do”).
  • Tom does not generally watch his earlier features, though his friends put it on television to poke fun at him. He finds it bizarre to see himself at such a young age, thinking how long ago it was.

Thanks to estrella89san, we have some lovely screen caps:

UPDATE: New images, care of Film Club and

Click here for many more screen caps!

We hope to have video soon, so please stay tuned, and keep your fingers crossed!

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton talks Harry Potter during live webcast with Film Club

  1. I’m jealous! I didn’t get to see it because I’m at work.

    We hope to get the video soon, then I can watch it tonight. =)

    I like the fact that he mentioned Draco dancing… It goes along with my idea that he should be Ren in Footloose! =)

  2. Great hair day, he had it styled and it looks good on his forehead in a feathery cut. Like the color too. Can’t wait for the video!

  3. Can’t help grinning at the top pic: imao, that hairdo gives him a slightly feminine touch. Very sweet! 😉

  4. Very sweet. I was thinking the same thing as I was watching yesterday.Definitely smoothing up his features and matching his gentle nature.I’m glad I made it.

    With Love,


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