Tom Felton’s Film Club Webcast Videos

Thanks to TomFeltonFansGermany, we now have videos of the Live Webcast for Film Club that Tom Felton did this England afternoon. There are six parts. As of now we have them all up!

Part One:


Part Two:

Part Three:


Part Four:


Part Five:


Part Six:



If you guys are interested, here’s the book that Tom Felton discussed in Part Three, The Boy Who Dared, by Susan Campbell Bartoletti.

Thanks to Tom Felton for answering all those questions and TomFeltonFansGermany for letting us hear/see all those questions and answers!

And Enjoy, everyone!

39 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s Film Club Webcast Videos

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  9. wow.. thanks. I really want these videos. I love his hair, and..his cheeks look like more full(?) than usual. I love it as well. that’s so cute

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