What’s old is new again: Tom Felton photo used as promo for new NAME Magazine

Remember all those Kai Z. Feng photos Tom posed for in 2009? Seems Kai has decided to start his own magazine, and Tom is featured in one of the promo’s released in anticipation of the big event.

According to F.Tape:

NAME Magazine will feature talent from all backgrounds of the creative industry with chic pictorials exposing new and established musicians and actors, as well as contributions from the main forces behind the industry.

Launching as an online title, NAME will constantly be updated keeping readers guessing with every new article.  The focus is to involve readers as much as possible in the blog functionality of the magazine, making it an approachable publication inspiring creative talent to get involved and share their opinions wherever they are in the world.

Right now only photos from Kai’s “archives” are being used for promotional purposes. Could a new, previously unreleased photo of Tom be possible when the magazine sees the light of day?

You can check out Kai Z. Feng’s photography at the links below, or his photos of Tom here in our galleries. My favorite is this one. Which is yours?


7 thoughts on “What’s old is new again: Tom Felton photo used as promo for new NAME Magazine

  1. Yes, it’d be cool if an unreleased shoot of Thomas possibly could see the day for the launch of this magazine, I admit it!

    As a matter of fact, I love them all, and am using them as my screensaver. Although my three favourite are the one when Thomas is holding the camera, when he’s dressing up casually in jeans, and when he is pinching himself, leaning on the table (remember when I commented back at the time, that he was getting me thinking of a young cat asking for its milk bowl?).

    With Love,


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