Tom Felton Declares Best Love Song “Always” for Nylon Magazine TV

In a short video featuring a variety of different stars including Tom’s “Harry Potter” cast mates Bonnie Wright and Rupert Grint, Nylon Magazine asked them what they think the Best Love Song is. You can catch Tom’s answer at 1:38.

And for those of you too young to melt into a puddle of fangirly goo and the rest of you that did at his choice, here it is. I always knew Tom was a smart man. 😉

9 thoughts on “Tom Felton Declares Best Love Song “Always” for Nylon Magazine TV

      • Right, and it’s one of my favorite song as well, I’ve got it on my playlist.

        “Always”, even though well played and sung, is a bit too cliché for me, Thomas. It sent me back too much to songs you’ve published into the past, probably because of the lyrics.

        You’re a smart man. Therefore I expected you would be coming up with a better pick, I guess…

        With Love,


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  2. one of my favourite bon jovi songs, the only bad thing is that it’s so beautiful, that it makes me kinda want cry (in a good way)

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