Tweet #FootlooseFelton and win a prize!

For fun, a group of us Tom Felton fans have been pushing the idea that Tom Felton is perfect for the upcoming musical re-make of “Footloose.” According to news accounts, the producers are currently searching for a new leading man. Look no further: Tom can already sing, he can act (of course!) and he would bring his world-wide fan base behind the movie instantly.

But of course there is much more. Tom has that ‘attitude’ and edgy style that is perfect for the part of Ren.

So we want to create a great new contest to help spread the word that Tom would be great for this movie!

The BEST tweets (best reasons, funniest, most clever, etc.) will all win prizes!

First Place: A copy of “The Borrowers” DVD, a Tom Felton keychain and a Tom Felton lanyard.

Second and Third Place: A copy of “The Borrowers” DVD starring Tom Felton.

(Thanks to lovely Feltbeats admin, @bserlori for the prizes.)

So here are the details:

For the full day today, please tweet your best tweets to straight to Footloose director Craig Brewer at @mybrewtube and tell him your best reason why Tom should be in Footloose. You MUST include the #FootlooseFelton hashtag (that’s how we will track the tweets and pick the winners!). Craig doesn’t know we’re doing this, so keep that in mind (be specific in your tweets!).

For example:

@mybrewtube I would love to see @TomFelton cast in Footloose because I want to hear his lovely voice on big movie speakers! #FootlooseFelton

Thanks, and good luck! Tweet us at @feltbeats if you have any questions!

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