New Photo of Tom Felton in the recording studio

Remember last week when Tom tweeted a photo of his new place to hang out and record music? Just today he gave us another one, this time via his latest Twitter avatar.


The Not Pink Studio: “I’m going for hardcore goth thrash metal this year! It’s a really soothing sound x”

Check out this past interview Tom gave exclusively to to learn exactly what Tom’s history with pink recording studios is, and why he’ll never live it down. 😉

11 thoughts on “New Photo of Tom Felton in the recording studio

  1. @feltbeats i dare say that no one makes a v neck tee and a cardi look hot like @tomfelton yummy.

  2. @feltbeats if @tomfelton did a behind the scenes video of recording his next album the downloads would crash the ‘Net in about 5 mins. lol

  3. @feltbeats ex Tom is in ‘HP’ with Maggie Smith, who was in ‘Hook’ with Julia Roberts who was in ‘Flatliners’ with..Kevin Bacon

  4. @feltbeats Tom was in HP with Gary Oldman who was in murder in the first with Kevin there another one(s)?

  5. It’s been a long while we’ve not seen a picture of Thomas playing guitare, let it be in a recording place.

    As before, he looks very absorbed by what he wants to share out with us, but with maybe more seriousness, which can only get him good points.

    I was very suprised as well when he came out last week with the hardcore goth thrash metal quote. I actually never suspected than Thomas could have gothism as part of his universe.

    Will his new songs have tim burtonians sonorities? And be as soothing as he had said? For so far, mostly everything I had come across was the exact opposite.

    Hopefully, Thomas, you will fix that!

    With Love,


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