Tom Felton Welcomes You In To New Photo From NYLON Magazine

Thanks to Nylon Magazine for this new photo of Tom from their Young Hollywood London collection.  Tom was recently featured with his “Harry Potter” co-stars Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright in their latest print edition of the magazine. You can see a few more new pics of all of London’s up and coming stars here at the source.

Tom Felton welcomes you in.

15 thoughts on “Tom Felton Welcomes You In To New Photo From NYLON Magazine

  1. I don’t like to say this but I think in this Photoshoot for Nylon Tom bears a very similar resemblance to past photos of Dan. Does anyone think the same

  2. Thomas is looking younger mainly because his features are healthier with his fullier cheeks. He’s wearing this sailor t-shirt back to fashion these days, all is missing is the hat!

    Quite a charming little sailor.

    With Love,


  3. hi tom i could’t write to because i was with my boyfrind and i can’t let him know that i writeing to you he does not want me to talk to you or write to you i hope you can unstand that i have to go to bed or my mom will kill me if i dont go to bed i will talk to next month my boyfrind named is juan aday is kina of a latin name okey i have to go bye tom i wish you a day for you and your family i wish your mother happy mother day’s bye lvu tom.

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