Tom Felton is beaten by a Weasley. Not that Weasley, the other one. Okay, technically both.

Earlier this week, Tom tantalizingly tweeted about an epic golf game he had scheduled with “Harry Potter” co-stars Rupert Grint, James Phelps, and Oliver Phelps for this Monday and Tuesday.  Thankfully Tom’s been channeling his own inner-Weasley the entire time and has been joking about the rivalry his Slytherin self has with the red-headed Gryffindor family.

Have a very important round of golf Mon/tue against a certain pair of red headed twins and their little brother. Your going down weasleys x

@TomFelton GO SLYTHERIN. /via @xodani My thoughts exactly x

James_Phelps: All ready for the big golf games 2moro and Tuesday, I hope the other three players have been practicing..

@James_Phelps ready to go mate. See you on the course! x

Concerning Monday’s practice round:

SuicideSunday__ : @TomFelton @James_phelps @oliverphelps who won? 🙂

@SuicideSunday__ Rupert! Ollie 2nd and me and James tied 3rd. Was just the practice round though. Real games tomorrow! What a place!x

Had a great day on the golf course with the boys. Wish I could stay here for weeks! X

The Big Day:

OliverPhelps: Nice room with a nice view. Can’t wait to get out on the course. Yesterday was fun. @TomFelton & i will win today

And so the big game begins at 1pm. Need your luck tweeps. Send it in copius amounts x

TomFelton_Italy: @Tomfelton Hi Tom!! How are u? Who won the”big game”? We’re curios!! x

@TomFelton_Italy my lack of feedback on the golf game only illutrates how poorly I played.Didn’t win. Ollie did! Ball wouldn’t slytherin x

Although Ollie won he still had time for some sand castle building! Rupert played very well to x

Tom's playmates: James Phelps, Oliver Phelps, and Rupert Grint

Better luck next time, Tom!

11 thoughts on “Tom Felton is beaten by a Weasley. Not that Weasley, the other one. Okay, technically both.

  1. That course is so beautiful I want to break out my clubs and play a round, (No pun intended). But I’ll have to settle for the course here. (Now were did I put those extra golf-ball sleeves?)

  2. Happy to read they spend time together apart from HP!
    Had a giggle over the pic: looks like someone put them there and then forgot about them… and so they stood there happily ever after…

  3. As long as they’d fun all together, that’s what counts! It’s again a new proof of the friendship which had tied them up for life. Besides, don’t we say that the essential is to participate? *wink*

    Love Thomas’s sense of humor.
    It speaks to me! *lol*

    With Love,


  4. aww too bad!
    And btw, I just got my copy of Vanity Fair and there’s an interview with Tom’s costar Emma Watson and she mentions Tom in it. It’s actually very very cute what she says 🙂

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