Teen!Tom Felton Finds His Way Into the Feltbeats Photo Gallery

Tom’s teenage likeness didn’t like that all his newer photos were making their way to our doorstep so he’s been popping up all over the internet when we’ve least expected. He must have been lonely out there in the interwebz.  For instance, in a random search, Fealtbeats admin Estrella89san found photos and screencaps from 2003 of Tom and his “Harry Potter” co-star Emma Watson at the Disney Channel Kids Awards. Emma recently gave an interview with Vanity Fair where she mentioned her school girl crush on the Slytherin Prince. UPDATE: Thanks to user J for a scan of Tom’s mention. You can see it here in our galleries.

2003 was a busy year from Tom, and once again, it did not want to be ignored in Estrella’s Google searches. In 2003, Tom helped start the World Junior Carp Tournament on the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York, USA,  and the event has taken place every summer since. Even then, “he [was] a nice likeable lad who isn’t a spoilt prima donna like so many actors.” Nice to hear times haven’t changed in that regard.

And last but not least, how could we forget all the red carpet events Tom has attended over the years?  From the BAFTA’s in 2001 to Scooby Doo 2 in 2004 to his various “Harry Potter” premieres from CoS to OoTPNew York to London. Who could forget these shorn hair styles when he was dead set on losing his Draco ‘do between productions?  Maybe that’s why these photos have been popping up in our searches lately? Is this Tom’s natural hair color begging to see the light of day again? Only time will tell. 😉
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Many thanks to Estrella for the trip down memory lane!

16 thoughts on “Teen!Tom Felton Finds His Way Into the Feltbeats Photo Gallery

  1. I’m so glad to hear than Emma had actually acknowledged the crush she had over Thomas when they were still teenagers!

    I always knew than a bond of some kind was linking them to each other at some point (and still is, I think), even if now, they’ve seemly departed for other ventures.

    I’m sure Thomas still got a special place inside Emma’s heart, and vice-versa.

    With Love,


  2. Aww, I will always love the Emma&Tom moment 🙂 Tom had also a crush on her (he said on his official website) 🙂

    • When/what exactly did he said it?
      Please, I’d like to know/read. 🙂
      I only knowed Emma about saying the crush of her on him, but no vice-versa.

      That photos are great. 🙂

      • Before he revamped his site, he had an FAQ page and the first question that was asked was if he and Emma were dating. He said that she was a lovely girl who was very pretty but they were not dating, and he ended with “I wish!”. Plus, in many interviews, he dropped hints of his attraction to her.

  3. I love these pics! They bring back good memories. I miss Lissa too! Put photos of Melissa on too. She still is one of Tom’s best friends, and some photos of Tessa. I miss Tom’s teenage years…:)

    • Yes! Thanks so much Estrella and Lily! I have no idea how Estrella finds things these. She’s got a Tom pic magnet. 😉 And Lily’s headlines are always LOL. hehehe

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