Tom Felton kicks off his Sunday Shoes in Part 3 of MTV Interview

In part 3 of Tom’s epic MTV phone call the other day (because really, MTV is such a tease releasing these tantalizing tidbits spread out like this), they asked him what he thought about our push for #FootlooseFelton on Twitter.

When Chace Crawford backed out of Craig Brewer‘s “Footloose” remake last month, we offered up a few suggestions as to who we thought would be a good substitute to replace him as leading man. Turns out fans of Tom Felton thought the actor, better known as Draco Malfoy, was the best man for the job, and started a campaign last month to petition for him to get the role.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, such petitions actually have a chance to be heard, and apparently Tom’s fans bugged Craig enough on Twitter that he responded on April 28 with, “Attention all @TomFelton fans that have tweeted me in the campaign to cast Tom Felton as Ren in Footloose! I hear you. Y’all are true fans.”

So when we got Tom on the phone recently to talk to him about his MTV Movie Awards nomination as Best Villain for his role in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” we couldn’t resist asking him if he had heard about the campaign too.

“Someone told me about that the other day actually. I was on Twitter and someone told me. There was the hash tag thing, #FootlooseFelton, and I had no idea what it meant at first,” Tom admitted. “But, I mean I put it to the film and stuff. I have heard of it, yeah.”

Even though he wasn’t especially familiar with the 80s American classic, Tom said he has always been a big fan of music and would love to take on a song-and-dance challenge.

“It’s maybe not even something I would have done in my previous past but it’s certainly something that I’d love to take on head first. I would love to be in a remake. That would be so cool,” he said.

Don’t forget to keep voting for Tom as Best Villain at the MTV Movie Awards. Still unsure how? Check out our Slytherin’s Guide to Voting for all the details.


4 thoughts on “Tom Felton kicks off his Sunday Shoes in Part 3 of MTV Interview

  1. Obviously, Thomas is never afraid to meet up challenges of all sorts. I guess he’s a far more daredevilish side than I was assuming at the first place.

    On that, he reminds me Emma Watson in some way, who simply doesn’t hesitate to do this or that, at all the levels.

    To put out the bar high is good, by knowing one’s limits, of course. *wink*

    With Love,


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