Tom Felton’s “The Apparition” Gets 2011 Release Date

Warner Brothers has announced release dates for the 2011 season, and Tom’s recently shot thriller “The Apparition” directed by Todd Lincoln will be reaching theatres in the US on September 9th of that year.

Besides sporting brown locks for the film, Tom has recently stated he was given eyeglasses in order to transform himself into college student “Patrick”, the super-natural expert of the cast.

Filmmakers originally hoped for a fall 2010, early 2011 theatrical release. It will be released directly between expected heavy box office hitters “Final Destination 5” and “The Contagion,” directly in time for the Halloween season.


6 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s “The Apparition” Gets 2011 Release Date

  1. I’ve read about it and it sounds so cool I can’t wait to watch it. Go Tom, I love you!!! You’ll be awesome!!!

  2. Too bad we have to wait so long, but a US release is super news.It’s hard to really imagine TF in a big role in something that is not Potter, or for that matter, being on screen for a lot of the show.

  3. Just one more year to go!
    For the Halloween-Samain season. Couldn’t be better pick. If you know the French release date, let me know, please.

    Wearing eyeglasses is sign of the intellect, Thomas. Sign of people loving to read and learn a lot. *wink* Suits you and sounds good.

    With Love,


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