Tom Felton to judge short film competition for Robin Hood Tax Campaign

UPDATE: Thanks to Jessica for reading the fine print and finding Tom listed as judging the Age 14-18 Competition.

Their bio for Tom states:

Tom Felton is 22 years old and has been acting professionally since he was 10 years old when he starred as Peagreen Clock in Peter Hewitt’s fantastical tale The Borrowers. When Tom was just 11 years old director Christopher Columbus cast him in the role that was to make him a household name, as Harry Potter’s arch rival Draco Malfoy. Tom has starred in all six Harry Potter feature films. In between Potter shoots Tom has appeared in Johnny Kevorkian’s thriller The Disappeared and has had a cameo role in the soon to be released Get Him to the Greek starring Russell Brand.  Tom is currently filming Todd Lincoln’s The Apparition. When not filming Tom loves music and cricket.


Thanks to Tom’s Re-Tweet of a @RobinHood tweet, we now know that Tom is set to judge a short (and I mean short!) film competition. This is to raise awareness for the UK’s Robin Hood Tax Campaign that Tom has actively been supporting lately.

RT robinhood: Make a short 60-90 sec film supporting the Robin Hood Tax campaign – get it judged by @TomFelton #rht #films

According to the Robin Hood website:

Make a short film (60 – 90 seconds long) that shows us what you think of the idea of governments taxing the banks to raise money for the poor and the planet.

The Robin Hood Tax is a tiny tax on banks that would give billions to tackle poverty and climate change, here and abroad. The public have bailed out the banks to the tune of £20 trillion in total. In the UK alone the bailout cost £31,250 per person. Isn’t it now time society was paid back?

Our message to governments is clear: “When you tax the banks, don’t just help yourself to the money, make sure the money goes to helping the poor and the planet.”

You can find out more information regarding how to Make a Film, Judges, and How to Enter at Tom is currently not listed in the judge’s panel, but considering they, and Tom, tweeted about his involvement, I wouldn’t worry too much.

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