New Photos of Tom Felton and girlfriend Jade Gordon during epilogue filming: Is Jade playing Mrs. Malfoy?

We’ve seen some of these photos before, but they are now available in higher resolution, thanks to @masterofmystery and dhmoviepics.

The most interesting aspect perhaps, however, is a new photo of Tom’s girlfriend, Jade Gordon, in what is apparently full costume as – presumably – Astoria Malfoy. You can see her spider broach, silver snake bracelet and a silver wedding ring. One could assume the Ugg boots are just for comfort when not filming, as you can see her wearing spiked high heels in other photos (see inset photo).

As you may be aware, Astoria Malfoy was not mentioned at all in the books – but was rather revealed later by JK Rowling in an interview with The Leaky Cauldron. Rowling said that because she hated Pansy Parkinson so much, she chose to have Draco marry someone else. The someone else ended up being Astoria, the younger sister (by two years) of Draco’s fellow Slyterin classmate, Daphne Greengrass. We know that Astoria is a pure blood wizard because her and Draco’s son, Scorpius, is a pure blood.

We have no official confirmation that she playing the small part of Astoria in the epilogue, but it seems like a good guess at this point!

Jade Gordon has been toying with the idea of Jade as Astoria Malfoy for almost exactly a year now, since the idea was proposed by DaisyHarrisx on the forum in May of 2009.

At the premiere of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” Feltbeats reporter @bserlori asked Tom whether or not he thought Jade could play Astoria, and he seemed to agree. (Please do not be distracted by the whole thing with Tom and Dan playing cricket in the mud. LOL!)

After they saw that interview with Tom, our friends at took the idea another step forward and proposed the idea to Harry Potter producer, David Heyman, who responded, “We’ll keep that in mind.”

Is it possible that Jade is actually playing this part, and that we fans somehow had a part to play in getting her cast? I assume we’ll know someday. =)

For full un-cropped pictures, and pictures of the rest of the Potter cast, check out dhmoviepics and

41 thoughts on “New Photos of Tom Felton and girlfriend Jade Gordon during epilogue filming: Is Jade playing Mrs. Malfoy?

  1. @Afra_1991 Happy birthday! I would ask @TomFelton to say Happy Birthday as well, but unfortunately I can’t force him to do anything, lol!

  2. @feltbeats heyy guys its my 19th birthday today 🙂 Can i please get a lovely tweet from u 🙂 and can u please PLEASE make TOm tweet me 😀 xo

  3. @feltbeats Poor Tom looks almost 60 not 36 — IF I look that old in 3 years I will CRY !!

  4. @feltbeats heyy 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂 aaahh girl i didnt mean like literally force him !! haha sorry i mean like just ask him 😀 -Afra! xo

  5. Well, well, she’s rather looking good, I must say! *wink*

    I’ve a similar snake bracelet to the one she is wearing, save than mine’s gold and silver, originally from Egypt(bought it at an International Night during my studies in the USA).

    Thomas got his wish granted, after all(just still wishing he’ll not have to regret it later), even if an official confirmation would be very much appreciated!

    With Love,


  6. @feltbeats It’s not a spider. I’m pretty sure it’s a SCORPION!!!! Now that’s a even better clue?????

  7. Well she looks a lot better than the actors at least. They all look way older than people in their thirties. Why fug them up so much?

  8. OMFG! This is really COOL! Perfect couple ever!!! love both of them, btw ♥

  9. i dont know…since the rumour of astoria-jade, i wasn’t the biggest fan of the idea…i mean HONESTLY i have nothing against jade and i think it’s rather cute to consider that idea as a fan…but from third person’s perspective it just seems….i don’t know but i’ll be honest i’m not quite happy with that idea.

    also jade’s not even an actress too, i mean if she was i’d be like yeah that’s an intersting idea to consider but she’s not which makes it look more like ‘oh she’s playing it ’cause she’s tom’s gf’ :s

  10. that’s not a spider on her coat, it’s a scorpion! and Draco’s kid is Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy… main word: Scorpius… *hint*

  11. Same…love/work should be really seperated. It’s cute yes but…I wasn’t fond of the idea at the start but I guess they did make their way in and got her the role.

  12. Interesting theory, but a scorpion has a tail. There is no tail just a typical spider’s butt. So, it must be an arachnid.

  13. Malfoy, PLATINblond
    Astoria, darkbrown


    Scorpius, PLATINblond???

    come on…-.-

  14. I didn’t like that idea too, ‘coz that wouldn’t look professional.
    But I must say Jade looks much better in these HP costumes and makeup compared to other photos of her on the internet.

  15. YUUSSS!!! PWEEASSEEE 😀 haha so far it seems very probable that she is playing Astoria 😀 😀

  16. far as the draco blonde/astoria dark scorpius blonde thing. have two friends both dark have a blonde child. genetics does odd things sometimes.

  17. im on this bandwagon too. i dont think jade should play astoria, in my mind astoria’s blonde and a bit more of an air-head. i think asome fans are ok with the idea coz jade is tom’s GF and everything. work and relationships shouldn’t clash IMO.

    Plus i can’t believe JKR absolutely loathes pansy. i love pansy – then again i’ve been reading fanfics 🙂 lol

    IF jade really is playing astoria, this should be interesting

  18. I agree this does NOT feel right. Is Tom trying to jump-start Jade’s career? Also, what does this situation say about acting? Anybody can do it? Let’s say my boyfriend is a physician, would I go and assist him with surgery because I am his GF?

  19. yes, maybe. it could (most likely) be a spider butt with a stone. i first thought it was a tail set at a 90 degree angle on the coat (if that makes sense…lacking english here ;))), i saw the image on a mobile phone and the colors weren’t that great. my bad… *blush*

  20. Jep 🙂 And I thought I am the only one who is not “Oh my god Jade is Tom’s GF, I love her so much-so we have to support her in her acting career now”…^^

  21. I literally just said “What?!” out loud when I read this xD

    I think the idea is “cute”. We’ll just have to see if it plays out nicely on screen 🙂

  22. Oh, and if she is playing his wife, I like how they didn’t make her age as much as the others did xD

  23. LOL! There are like 20 instances of family members and family friends being in the Potter movies. Emma Watson’s brother. Ralph Finnes nephew. The director’s daughter (Chris Columbus). Another daughter of a producer.

    This is really common practice for extras. So being upset about Jade in a 5-second non-speaking role is slightly ridiculous.

    Oh, and no offense to the acting profession, but I think comparing an EXTRA (not really an actor) to a surgeon is a little far fetched?

  24. I agree – I think it is a scorpion! In another photo you can see it better.

  25. You can see, in some of the photos, that they did age her though. She has some dark lines on her forehead and cheeks in some photos that aren’t there in real life.

    She certainly doesn’t like 60 like Draco, however. Sorry, Draco.

  26. Hmm…an Extra that’s being treated like a Super Star. (going to King Cross with ray ban, leaving with bodyguards). Does all crew+extra have such treatments?

  27. I’d have to agree. Jade as Astoria doesn’t cut it. I just imagine Astoria as a blonde! It’s just seems a bit weird to have her play the role.

  28. It´s clair that Jade is going to play the role of Astoria Greengrass. She´s not a actress, is the coordinator of doubles of Harry Potter. But, she looks old anyway and the producers of the film didn´t want to waste make up and contract a blond actress. Of course David Yates has the blame about this. Since he is the director Harry Potter films aren´t the same, except Harry potter and the Phoenix Order that he did good for presume.

  29. Am I the only one thinking about how awkward it would be if Tom and Jade broke up and played husband and wife in a movie? Just saying.

  30. it is really a superb idea.i am exited to see both of on screen. one of the cutest couple!!

  31. Your the Man Tom! Wow that’s so cool I had no idea Jade was going to play Mrs.Malfoy. Yay Jade!:) Ha, oh no Tom, don’t grow up that fast lol! fish on.

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