18 thoughts on “CraigyFerg “breaks in” Tom Felton to the Late Late Show experience

  1. This is what I like best about americans: great tease, and no harm done! *lol*

    Thomas witnessed that he knows how to handle such comic language, while remaining very professional and enjoying himself at the same time.


    With Love,


  2. Aw, he was nervous but charming and quick witted. He did very well. I think he felt more at ease with Craig than he would have with Letterman or Leno, although I hope he gets to be on with them many times as his fame and recognition grows.

  3. I am shocked that that was his first late night appearance! He really handled it like a pro. He was funny, but still remained humble, professional, and likeable. There are many times that he responded with just the right humor to the host’s humor, making them both look good – which will likely make the host want him back as a guest. Who wouldn’t want someone back as a guest who is funny, engaging and makes you look good as well. That last swear at the end was perfect as it went full circle to what they were discussing at the beginning. GREAT JOB.

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