Tom Felton Remarks on Draco as Therapy and the “Deathly Hallows” Split with The Press Association

In the latest little snidbit of Tom’s interview¬† with the Press Association, Tom remarks on the splitting of the final two “Harry Potter” films and his future need to seek a therapist.

The Harry Potter cast haven’t been told where the split will come and the final story divided into two movies.

Actor Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy, says despite the shoot now coming to an end, nobody has been told exactly where the break will happen.

“We don’t know where the cut’s going to be. Everyone keeps asking us ‘where is the cut?’ but they’ve shot it kind of all as one and I think they’re going to wait and see whatever feels right,” he explained.

He added: “I’m very excited to see what comes out of it!”

The young star says it did come as a relief to the cast when they first learned that filmmakers weren’t going to try and cram the book’s big ending into one film.

“It was nothing but a sigh of relief for us as there was so much in the book we thought ‘oh my God, they’re going to cut characters out, they’ll leave bits out’.

“It’s the most important chapter of the whole story really so it was important to go into it in as much detail as possible so we were all thrilled about it,” he said.

Tom admitted he had mixed feelings about finally saying goodbye to his character Draco.

“I kind of use him as therapy in a way. I get to build up these angers and frustrations and then vent it through this evil little Hitler child. Without it I may have to go to therapy – maybe it’s time to vent that way!” he laughed.

4 thoughts on “Tom Felton Remarks on Draco as Therapy and the “Deathly Hallows” Split with The Press Association

  1. And looks like it works (using Draco as a therapy remedy) to fight off your anger and frustrations, Thomas.

    Myself, I used to have a huge problem of anger into the past, I’d go off often for a thrifle, because I didn’t have any control on my emotions.

    My therapy: finding the source of this anger on my own. And since then, I’ve been healthier and happier. May it be the same for you, Thomas.

    With Love,


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