For such a funny guy, Tom Felton doesn’t see comedy in his future.

For those of you in the US, you’ve had a month to see Tom’s cameo in “Get Him to the Greek,” but if you read Tom’s twitter, you would know it’s just been released in the UK. To help celebrate the opening (I’m assuming here since timing is oh so coincidental) MTV has released a short interview with Tom where he expounds rapturously on being asked to take part in the epic of Aldous Snow’s journey in the film.

“Get Him To The Greek” has been out in theaters for about a month now, so we’re assuming all you Tom Felton fans have run out to catch a glimpse of your boy’s cameo towards the beginning of the film. While “Greek” definitely has funnier moments, namely spewing out of the mouth of Russell Brand’s Aldous Snow, Jonah Hill asking Tom if they want to go hang out with Professor Snape was definitely a high point.

When we caught up with Tom in Orlando for the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we had to ask him about the cameo and his future as a comedic star.

“It was a dream come true to actually be on the set,” Tom said about the experience. “[Producer Judd Apatow] actually brought his kids down meet me and I was like, are you serious? You’re my hero. It was kind of surreal. A dream come true.”

Tom’s cameo came to be when Judd and Jonah Hill decided to visit the set of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” while they were filming in London. Tom, if you missed it, is a huge Jonah Hill fan (his favorite being “Superbad”) and asked if they could return the favor and have a cameo in “Greek.”

“Jonah’s a comic genius in my house. None of my friends really are that interested in the sort of actors that I work with, but they heard like Jonah’s name and they were going crazy,” Tom said.

While Tom said he definitely enjoyed his time on “Greek,” he doubts that becoming a comedic star is in his future. Unlike the “Harry Potter” films, “Greek” required a lot of improvisation that caught him by surprise.

“I’m also used to sticking on the mark and reading lines exactly as they were written. You can’t deviate at all,” he said. “It was nerve wracking, but hugely rewarding and fun. What they ended up with I think was pretty funny.”

Were you a fan of Tom Felton’s cameo in “Get Him To The Greek”? Do you think he could pull of being a comedic actor?


4 thoughts on “For such a funny guy, Tom Felton doesn’t see comedy in his future.

  1. True! Very true!

    Improvisation’s catching one’s guard off, I agree, especially if you’re not familiar with the exercise. I remember bursting out into roars of laughter with my classmates of Drama class, the very few first times we’d to learn to do it.

    To be true, I don’t see you either performing into the comedy, Thomas. Rather more into tragic and historical films. I can’t explain how, but you definitely have the feeling for both.

    With Love,


  2. I agree, Tom’s not the Jonah-Hill-comedy type of guy.
    But, I can imagine him in films with a more subtle kind of humour, as in “Keeping mum”.
    Anyway I think he undervalues his own fun factor. He makes me laugh so often, even when he probably not intended to be funny…

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