Bare Belly Baby: Is that Tom Felton’s skin I see before me?

Like the good tease that he is, photographer Kai Z. Feng has decided to update his Twitter with some previously unreleased photos of Tom from last years photoshoot. Included are a nice belly shot that was popular that day, a colored version of a personal favorite, and a close-up worthy of… I’ll let you finish that thought.

Thanks, Kai!

It’s in color!

22 thoughts on “Bare Belly Baby: Is that Tom Felton’s skin I see before me?

  1. He is the most mesmerizing guy EVER !!! I love him to death xx
    Things I would do just to meet him, things I have done to c him in real life!!! I am so lucky to have seen him in real life, that one wave for 30 seconds are the BEST 30 seconds in my 19 years of life!!! 😀 😀 xx
    Now my goal is just to meet him one day and I hope that will be successfull one day!! My only dream and wish!!
    He is so gorgeous and such a nice person at heart both in and out 😀

  2. 😀 God bless him xx and he is really funny also I love his humor!! If I sit and talk to him I think I might pass out coz of the amount of laughter I will be having!! Heheheehe!!!

  3. I’d really like to know what the photographer said/did to Tom to make him put that expression on his face…

    • The close-up is pure delight, and is absolutely rendering justice to Thomas’s gentle self.

      The expression is definitely very feline-like, especially about a cat aware it’s got all of the attention.

      I’ve been wondering for quite sometimes if such a shoot has been realized, ad now, I’ve got my answer!

      The third one is amongst my favorite, indeed.

      With Love,


  4. OMG hes hot and it takes my breath away to see him. I do admit it was my mom who made me watch the movie Harry potter and the moment I saw him I freaked out 🙂

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