New and Improved trailer from “13 Hours” – now with even MORE Tom Felton!

We recently reported that Tom Felton’s new horror flick, “13 Hours,” will have its world premiere on Saturday, August 28th, 3:15PM at the UK FrightFest, Leicester Square, London.

If you are able to attend this fest, we would like feedback on what you thought of the movie. The flier for the movie does state that the “Key cast” will be “in attendance.” We are unsure at this time whether Tom Felton will be there, but we’re trying to find out. We will keep you posted as news develops.

Also, “13 Hours” is slated for a Halloween month theatrical release in October of this year in the UK. News as to whether it will be available in other countries at this time has not reached our eyes and/or ears, but if it does, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Now, a new trailer has been released which contains even MORE scenes featuring Tom Felton!

You can see Tom in the beginning of the snippet (“So you’re stating, on record, that you’re no longer the virgin we all know and mock?”), plus at :41 and at 1:03.

Thanks to Andie for letting us know, and Darkvampyrs78 for posting it on YouTube!

Some screen caps:

“We’re going to stay here, and wait for help.” What do you guys think? Do they stay safe, and wait for help (wow, that would be an exciting movie)? Or do they eventually get frustrated and split up, thus more swiftly bringing on their own inevitable doom? We shall see!

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