Tom Felton records heart-felt video just to thank his fans for MTV award

As promised, Tom Felton has delivered to us (from his new iPhone, no doubt!) a video thanking his fans for voting for him as Best Villain (in his role as Draco Malfoy) in the MTV movie awards. During the MTV competition, thousands of Tom’s fans from around the world rallied together to promote and vote for Tom – and we were all rewarded when Tom won!

In the video, Tom says he is sorry for the delay and, “I am still getting over it now. Thank you very much. I love you all, very dearly!”

Thanks Tom for the video!

Source: Tom Felton

34 thoughts on “Tom Felton records heart-felt video just to thank his fans for MTV award

  1. @feltbeats wooooh is this the video? might email you at some point with a question!

  2. Tom. You are the sweetest, most perfect Draco ever and I love you to bits!
    Don’t you ever stop what you’re doing with your acting or your music, I anticipate them both.

    Oh gosh I love you.

    that is all! 🙂

    Lizzie xxx

  3. @feltbeats I can’t see the video! I see the text and all, but not the video. 🙁

  4. Finally! I knew, that he will do it and hoped so much, that he won’t forget it^^

    Thanks for the video, Tom!

  5. Awh. I love him. He’s too cute and too sweet. Gosh, he makes a darn good villain! <333

  6. Aww how cute he has the greatest fan glad I voted everyday for a week. Love you dearly too Tom xx

  7. Tom’s managed to win over our hearts with his perfect impersonation of the spoiled brat we all adore Draco Malfoy. He grasped not only his personality but his physical appearance as well.
    The funny thing is, in reality he couldn’t be more different from his character. This only shows what a great actor he is.
    I realise I mostly behave as an obsessive teenage girl every time I hear sth about Tom – he’s too adorable, I can’t help it. But putting my teenage feelings aside – I’m 29 btw – I’m sure he has a brilliant future ahead of him and I’m looking forward to his future roles. xx
    Oh, and feltbeats, you do a wonderful job keeping us all updated. Thank you, girls!

  8. @feltbeats aaawwwww that s so sweet give us a thank you vid^^ thanks for put it online

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  11. That was so heartfelt and sweet of you Tom. You kept your promise. Keep doing what you do best. I will never stop thinking about you. Love you til the rain bows

  12. Your welcome Tom. you deserved it. He is so sweet…. I really want to support him forever as his fan.

  13. thank you for the video tom.
    really you was the are the best in acting,singing and playing guitar.:-*

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  15. Totally loved voting for him. He really deserved it ALOT. I also thought it was ironic the same day u posted this, the night before I had a dream that he was wearing the same clothes in them. Weird but cool all the same. Anyways… I love you Tom for all your hard work and just being you!!! The most important thing to know is to stay YOURSELF!!! Don’t change because someone else tells you to. =) Love Ya Lots!!!

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