Tom Felton Helps Friend Sam Roman with Music Video

Recently, Tom tweeted about a new music video his friend and musical collaborator Sam Roman released via Sam’s YouTube account. In a conversation with Sam, we learned that Tom helped him in the early stages of the video when Sam was still figuring out what would work or not.

I ran Tom through the script when I got it because obviously I don’t have much experience with things like that. He really liked the end result, and tweeted it for me! We filmed the video throughout LA. Sadly it was the week after Tom was there so we didn’t manage to see each other. It’s a shame we couldn’t get him a cameo, I could have maybe been pushing him in the trolley or something!

The video features a large amount of symbolism through the words and images. What do you think the plant in the trolley is symbolic for? Would the message be different if he were pushing Tom instead?

Sam Roman’s debut album “Born to be the King” will be available to buy exclusively from in the coming weeks. Sam is also working with Tom as a producer on re-recordings of favorite past songs, and a few new pieces Tom has in his arsenal to be released. As soon as more information regarding this collaboration is made public, we will let you know.

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton Helps Friend Sam Roman with Music Video

  1. Yes, the message would be definitely very different, if Sam was pushing Thomas instead of the plant in the trolley.

    The plant symbolizes the seed of anything we wish to occur into this life, and in purpose to blossom, must be planted into a favorable soil to make it happen.

    If Sam’s producing the rerecording of favorite past songs and the few new pieces Thomas is planning to release, it’s fine with me.

    For Thomas really demonstrated through helping formerly Sam with the script of this song, than he’s great storytelling abilities, that he’s got the feeling for it.

    With Love,


  2. If Tom were the plant:

    First, that would have been awesomely creepy if Tom was inexplicably and silently riding around in the cart – just apparently for no reason. I very much approve of this. Though I wouldn’t want Tom to get pigeonholed into doing only “in-a-trolley” roles from now on. Quite restrictive, that would be.

    Second, it would have made the hotel room shower scene entirely different.

    Third, of course the part where he buries the plant alive in the sand at the end would be quite different.

    But I want to point out that Sam does a terrible job planting it there in the end – the soil looks so dry, completely devoid of any nutrients. And he hardly covers it with any soil at all.

    So perhaps this is symbolizing how we treasure our possessions and must one day set them free – so they will inevitably shrivel and die in the scorching sun? Or, maybe not.

  3. Do you want an actual analysis? I could totally give you one; that stuff is right up my ally. It might be long-ish, but it can be done. 🙂

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