High Quality. Facebook. Tom Felton. Any questions?

Thanks to the WB for sending out a massive email full of various links featuring different high quality versions of the first “Deathly Hallows I” tv spot that was released yesterday. High quality also equals larger screencaps for your manipping pleasure. You can catch a few featuring our favorite blondie bear here in our galleries.

Also released by Warner Brothers was information via their Facebook account.

Ever wanted to ask a question to Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch, Matthew Lewis or James and Oliver Phelps? Well, as Harry Potter UK has some of the luckiest fans in the world, here is your chance! We’ve got our quick quotes quills at the ready so submit your questions below and they may just be asked in an exclusive facebook interview next week!

You may submit your questions on the wall post itself in the comment area. We will keep you informed if and when the interview progresses.

13 thoughts on “High Quality. Facebook. Tom Felton. Any questions?

  1. For Tom and Evanna:
    Would you think that if Draco and Luna never met the people they married that they could have been a good couple?

  2. For Tom Felton:

    Do you think that Draco would have turned out differently if Harry would accepted his friendship in the first book? Or do you think it would have changed Harry for the worse?

    For Bonnie Wright:

    When you auditioned for Ginny did you have any idea that she’d end up marrying Harry? What was your reaction when you found out they were going to be together?

    For Evanna Lynch:

    If you could pick one character from the Harry Potter series for Luna to marry who would it be and why?

    For Matthew Lewis:

    When you first auditioned for Neville did you ever imagine that he’d end up playing such a significant role in the last film?

    For James and Oliver Phelps:

    Fred and George are such comedians, do you enjoy pranks as much as they do!? If so what is the best prank you’ve ever pulled?

  3. Being an actor must be exciting and tiring at the same time, do you ever wish you were an ordinary person some days? You know go to a regular job, and come home every night?

  4. For Tom: first off I love you to the extremes and secondly What is it like to think that thousands of fans across the world think about you daily during whatever they do?

    For Bonnie: If you weren’t cast as Ginny but someone else, who would it most likely be?

    For Evanna: How is it that Luna is one of the only characters who grew up in The UK but has no accent whatsoever?

    For Matthew: What was your favorite scene to film as Neville?

    For James: If you could be prince of one country for a day, Which country (besides the UK) would you choose?

    For Oliver: If you had been born a girl, what do you suppose your name would’ve been?

  5. For Tom: If you knew what Draco was going
    to be like, would you still play him in
    Harry Potter?

    For Bonnie: How young were you when you
    started with Harry Potter?

    For Matt: If you could be one other
    character in Harry Potter, who would it be
    and why?

    For Evanna: Why do you think Luna is such
    a in-her-own-world kind of chatacter?

    For James: Do you and Ollie switch places
    and answer to each other’s names instead
    of your own?

    For Ollie: Do you think as time went on,
    Fred and George got more mature or not,
    and why?

  6. for tom: WHAT WAS THE TITLE OF THE DRAMIONE FANFIC THAT YOU’VE READ? or even just the gist of the story. it is essential to us, dramione fans. 😀 and what do you think of the dramione shipping?

  7. To Tom Felton,
    First, You’re an amazing Actor/Singer/Guitar Player! But, If you were chosen to be Ron Weasley, would you of still accepted to be in the movie? You know, kissing Hermione & being a Ginger & all ?

    To Bonnie Wright,
    First, you’re beautiful & a great actress ! But, what do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t apart of the Harry Potter cast?

    To Evanna Lynch,
    First, you’re character is amazing & you play Luna really awesomely! But, Why did you dye your hair ginger? You aren’t a Weasley, silly.

    To Oliver Phelps,
    You & James are ADORABLE! But, who is your favorite character, if not George or Fred?

    To James Phelps,
    You & Oliver are ADORABLE! But, did you like/have fun being a ginger instead of a brunette? Just Wondering (:

    To Matt Lewis,
    I Love the way you play Neville! What is your favorite HP movie/book?

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