Just because Tom Felton can’t make it, doesn’t mean you have to cancel. Check here for how to win tickets to Ring*Con!

Tom was originally scheduled to attend Ring*Con in Bonn, Germany, but due to filming commitments had to cancel. However, his “Harry Potter”co-star’s James and Oliver Phelps will be in attendance instead. You ever want to meet James and Oliver Phelps in real life? Now’s your chance! We are giving away tickets for Ring*Con, the biggest fantasy convention in Europe.

We are raffling 1 golden ticket (including one autograph and appropriate picture of each star guest at Ring*Con 2010, a Ring*Con shirt, pin, lanyard and seat in the first rows) and 3 times 2 weekend tickets for the con which is held during 15th – 17th October.

If you are interested, please send your full name, address, birthday and e-mail address to feltbeats.winticketsrc@googlemail.com .  The deadline is 24th September 2010, and you must be a resident of continental Europe (or right enough or purchase airfare) to enter.  Winners are drawn according at random, and will be notified from us.

Please remember, we are only giving away the tickets. Arrival and accommodation is on your own. The tickets can’t be sold or given to somebody else. If you are under age, you also need permission from your parents.

Besides, the Phelps twins, Natalia Tena, Louis Cordes, George Harris and Nick Shirm from the Harry Potter movies will also be in attendance.

The program of the event can be seen here: program of Ring*Con ,  but is subject to change. Dates for autographs and photo shootings are not known yet and will be delivered during the convention.

The organizers of the Ring*Con had on Wednesday the cancellation of Tom announce. They wrote on their website :

Unfortunately Tom Felton has just cancelled his appearance at RingCon 2010 due to filming commitments in Louisiana from October until November. Tom Felton was looking forward to attending RingCon, but jobs come first. He and RingCon apologize for the cancellation.

While it has not been officially announced that Tom has won a role in “From the Rough”, it has been public knowledge the film starts shooting in Louisiana come mid-October. As soon as we have definition confirmation on this or a different film, we will let you know.

5 thoughts on “Just because Tom Felton can’t make it, doesn’t mean you have to cancel. Check here for how to win tickets to Ring*Con!

  1. Yes, jobs come first, and if Thomas can work on projects meaningful to him, matching his cultural interests, it’s fine with me.

    I found that very reponsible of him, to have taken a few minutes to warn the organizers of changes into plans, to avoid bad surprises either side.

    Good Luck for your filming in Louisiana, Thomas!

    With Love,


  2. Okay, job comes first, but this is the second time, his appearance at RingCon is cancelled! And I think, that he didn’t know anything about the announcement of his appearance in Bonn. It’s just like last year… He tweeted, that he wasn’t aware of any invitation to RingCon!

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  4. I second that Samantha. Well said!

    Ah, I wish I could go, for the twins, but also because I am a huge Legend of the Seeker fan and all the very talented (and attractive) stars will be there. =)

  5. Well, now I’m very sad that I don’t live in Europe (or have enough money to fly there) 🙁 The US just doesn’t have such cool stuff going on…

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