Translation of Tom Felton’s interview in the French PREMIERE magazine

Thanks SnitchSeeker we have now a translation of the interview. The translations of the interviews of Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch, Bill Nighy and Rade Serbedzija can you read here.

Premiere: How long was the filming of the two parts of Deathly Hallows?
Tom Felton: A little over a year, fourteen months to be precise. We can say that the team has every reason…

Premiere: Fourteen months! It leaves time to carry a baby…
Tom Felton: Exactly! It’s pretty surreal to spend so much time on a project. It was more sodas than ever to the end of this shoot*

P: After ten years of Harry Potter, say goodbye to the saga must have been especially heartbreaking.
TF: When we went back to the last festival at Leavensden after the end of filming, the emotion was at its height. It was the last time the full team was assembled in the Great Hall. We suddenly seemed very empty…a funny feeling.

P: You may find yourself in a few years wandering in the Harry Potter theme park that just opened in Florida.
TF: (Laughs) That’s exactly what I said! If I get too depressed, I will go live over there.

P: Throughout the saga, your job was to embody a character that people hated. It could not have been easy every day.
TF: I actually accumulated a certain amount of negative waves during the last decade. It was quite funny, in fact. Groups of children were regularly visiting the set of Harry Potter and the moment has come to meet me, they all went to hide behind the legs of their parents. I learned to take it as a compliment.

P: You also have your fan club, which annoys JK Rowling… because many young girls love Draco Malfoy, even though he is [rotten].
TF: I’m not sure how to answer that. You know what it is, girls have always loves the bad boys.

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7 thoughts on “Translation of Tom Felton’s interview in the French PREMIERE magazine

  1. Haha. I’m HallowedGround from SnitchSeeker, lol. I emailed this to Misha and Lorie a few hours ago, before to SnitchSeeker. You guys get dibs. =)

    I love that last comment, I was cracking up so hard when I was working on it.

    • I agree, the last comment is an excellent repartee!

      Thomas’s answered by going to the essential, without overdoing it, as he’s always been doing before. You can feel how confident he is, I’ve to agree with soufias also regarding that.

      With Love,


    • And we’ll always do it.
      –just Draco– XD
      We can’t generalize that all girls love bad boys, if that were true, then neither Harry or Ron would have their own fan club.
      Lets leave that we love INTERESTING -and sarcastic, cold-arrogant- boys

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