Tom Felton in the latest issue of the German magazine Yeah!

Thanks to Sabkay for the scan and the translation of the interview of Tom Felton in the latest Yeah!.



Yeah! On November 18th Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I is starting. What was the most beautiful on set?
Tom: “Mhh. I really can’t say something special. Everything was nice. I enjoyed it very much, to hang out with the crew. We are one huge family!”

Yeah! The second part of The Deathly Hallows is also already filmed. What do you miss the most from the Harry-Potter-Time
Tom: (laughs) The shooting breaks. Rupert always gave me then lessons in Golf, we had so much fun. Well, and I miss somehow my role as Draco. He is really grown to my heart after the ten years. But all good things come to an end at some point!”

Yeah! You were allowed to shoot the Movie “The Apparition” together with Ashley Greene. How is she like?
Tom: Oh, she’s an insanely great actress and looks so fine on the screen – which I thought while I watched Twilight. It was really a honor for me to work with her. She’s so cute…”

Yeah! What did you think actually about “Twilight”?
Tom: “I’ve seen the films and i like them. My Girlfriend is a huge Fan of Twilight. She almost inhales all Books. When we were on holiday in Sicily, she hardly spoke to me.. because she just read. She knows all about Team Edward and Team Jacob. I have to admit honestly: I have no plan of it.”

Yeah! Your Girlfriend Jade has also worked on the Potter-Set – as a Stunt-Coordination-Assistant. Do you still get the chance to see each other after all is over now?
Tom: “Currently, yes. She’s with me at my Appointments, and we try to be together as often as possible. But next year we have different film projects – then it will be a little harder, but we’ll find a solution then.”

Yeah! I’ve heard that you also sing. Is that true?
Tom: “Yes, Music is besides acting my passion. I founded a own record label and gave myself a contract.”

Yeah! Hey, Tom! But that’s cheating!
Tom: (laughs) “Yeah, but it is much easier. It is not so much to me, I want to look for young talents and encourage them…”

Yeah! So you don’t make more music?
Tom: “Sure I do! I’ve recorded a few songs. Singing is so much fun for me!”

Yeah! How are your Songs?
Tom: “Rocking – not too hard not too soft. They are Guitar-Songs, just like the Songs of my idol John Mayer. The Fans can be excited in any case…”

8 thoughts on “Tom Felton in the latest issue of the German magazine Yeah!

  1. Thomas, Rupert was your golfing teacher during shooting breaks? That’s so sweet!

    I can somehow rely to Jade when it comes to be absorbed into one’s reading of a book, especially if the intrigue and the subject are good!

    I wish you both to find the suitable solution, that will allow you to see each other still next year, despite your new upcoming filming projects.

    With Love,


  2. Aw, he’s soo cute like that. No offense, but when it comes to Twilight, Jade has no taste. Twilight just sucks. Ashley Greene is a good actress, no doubt. Still, Harry Potter over Twilight any day. I mean, come on! How on Earth would you like a vampire that sparkles? Otherwise, I like how Jade likes to read. Atleast, I have something else in common with her. :))

  3. If I read and you talk to me..I won’t hear you :p especially if it’s Harry Potter or Dan Brown. I’m going on a staycation this weekend and I’ll be taking Deathly Hallows with me, to catch up before the movie is released. (November 17 where I live, whoohoo!!!) My parents probably won’t even know I’m there!
    I like the Twilight books, but I think Meyer’s other book The Host is much better! They should turn that one into movie.

  4. I have to admit I was like Jade when I was in Italy. But I was reading Harry Potter for the first time 😉 Honestly though, I hope things work out for Tom and Jade in the rest of their careers. Such lovely people! I enjoy golf too. How tall is Tom? x

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