Tom Felton is Screened, this time in English

Thanks to Chinami for sending us the English translation of Tom’s interview in Japan’s SCREEN magazine. Also, they’ve let us know about another little section in the same edition where Tom was mentioned. You can read about that below.

CAPTION ”Many encounters are the best memories”

Q:Please tell us Draco’s highlight scene in “Deathly Hallows” part 1.

There are spectacle scene where all the Malfoys get together. Voldemort uses Malfoy Manor as a kind of head office, and twenty of dark characters get together in the dining room. . Among them, only Draco is young and innocent. When filming, I was overwhelmed a bit as an actor, but I like that scene because only Draco has his conscience among them.

Q:What was the best memory in Harry Potter series?

Many encounters. That is the best memory. It was a honor that I could work with the same casts and crews in these 10 years. I was lucky enough to meet my girlfriend there. We have been together for about four years now, and I got my best friends too. Also I was invited to several wedding parties of the members. It was so nice to have many friends through your job.

Q:You have spent 10 years with this film. Do you feel any anxiety as this projects has finished?

As an actor, no experience would be more fearful and expecting. Of course now I’m enjoying the feeling of freedom to do this or that, but if I don’t get to do what I wanted to do, I would feel empty and lost, and wish that I could go back to the previous days. It was lucky I could have exciting days after Harry Potter as well. I’m thrilled to go into another world. I don’t think my career would be stable because of 10 years experience of Harry Potter. I have to advance more and more. So over the past year, I have been taking acting lessons and making efforts in my own way to do well in auditions. I’m aware that getting a role is never done by just waiting for somebody to hold it out to you.

Q:Are there any fans who think you are really Draco?

Many (laugh). That happens especially with children who are 9 years old and under. They come to the set, get hugged by Daniel, get kissed by Emma and shake hands with Rupert. Then they look at me, squeal, and back away (laugh). And I tell you, I’m always trying to be nice to them, saying things like “Hey guys, let’s shake hands.”

Q:Isn’t it because your performance is fine?

I’ve been acting convincingly enough to scare them off. That would mean I’m doing just fine, wouldn’t it? (laugh)

Q:We heard you’ll play a villain again in the next film.

I started filming “Rise of the Apes” after we finished Harry Potter. New role is different from Draco, but there is some kind of resemblance. Playing a villain is fun. People seem to believe I am good at playing such roles. No trouble. I’m happy to do it if they offer.

Q:Do you have any dreams beside acting?

Recently my friends and I started an indie record label to support young musicians who don’t have chance to show their talent. It’s very exciting.

Tom also appears in another special section in this issue titled “Twenty guys you’ll fall in love this autumn!”
In this topic, Rob Pattinson is on the first page, followed by Zac Efron, and Tom is introduced with his co-stars Daniel & Rupert.

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  1. Actually, you and Jade have been together for three years, Thomas, not about four yet, Honey. *grin*

    On the other hand, I’m glad you’ve done some work on your share, so your acting skills could keep progressing, and so could you progress into your career, with keeping in mind than nothing’s granted into this world, and that you got to fight for it to get it.

    With Love,


  2. Quote: “…Among them, only Draco is young and innocent. …”

    Oh, man. I almost choked on my toast with laughing! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    • I don’t know if Tom said exactly like this.
      Please notice it’s a double translation.
      Tom’s words could be completely different.
      (translator of this article)

      • はい、わかりました。トランスレーシオン が 本とに ありがとうごごさいます! (日本語を少し話せます。 ^_~)

        But I’m still laughing at Draco being young and innocent – young, yes; innocent? LOL

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