Tom Felton talks getting twisted with the New Zealand Herald

As I started writing this post of Tom speaking about working with not only Daddy!Lucius, Jason Isaacs, but the Lord himself, Mr. Ralph Fiennes, life got in the way. And wouldn’t you know it, other great sites out there have taken the story and reported on it, too, so I will let Digital Spy tell you about the awesomeness of Tom talking about his mentor-figures.

You can read the original interview in its entirety at the New Zealand Herald.

Tom Felton has praised Jason Isaacs for his portrayal of Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series.

The actor, who plays Draco Malfoy, told the New Zealand Herald that Issacs had played his on-screen father perfectly.

“Jason plays an evil sod so beautifully well,” he said. “He’s perfect as a villain. But it’s scary how he has the ability to be telling you a showbiz story one minute and as soon as they say, ‘camera rolling’ he snaps into this horrible [git], who grabs my ear and does all sorts of twisted things.

“I enjoy seeing these amazingly friendly people turn into such horrible characters.

“Ralph Fiennes is the worst. It’s an eye-opener playing alongside him, because he’s such a gentle soul, who’s quite calm and measured in his conversation, but then he instantly turns into this twisted, nasty creature the moment we start filming.”

Felton, who will be seen reprise his role in both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows admitted that he did not why he had been chosen to play the Slytherin student.

“I don’t know what qualities I brought that made them think I could play this satanic child, but I am very grateful they chose me to play the bad guy rather than the goody,” he said. “I revelled in the fact I could vent my day-to-day frustrations through this Hitler-like child; it was actually quite therapeutic and enjoyable.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One opens in cinemas on November 19.

5 thoughts on “Tom Felton talks getting twisted with the New Zealand Herald

  1. “I’ll finally get to leave the blond hair behind! Dying my hair blond and generally looking like a complete freak became rather tedious,” he admits, sighing. “It was the same with holidays: not being able to go in the sun, so that my skin remained pale, became a real pain. Instead of being able to sit on the beach I had to sit under sun umbrellas whenever I went on holiday. So, for me, the best thing about this ending is the opportunity to finally go on holiday and, for the first time, be able to swim in the sea, out in the sun,”

    rotfl I’d never really considered how cumbersome it would be to have to remain so pale all of the time. Ah, but tis over now.

    Until JK decides to write the Draco Malfoy chronicles 😀

  2. After reading this i sort of lost a bit of respect for him. :/

    Sure he might not be as close as Emma as he is to some of his other co-stars. But putting her in such a negative light when she hasn’t made a big deal of her university time like the article suggests is upsetting.

    Especially when she only ever has had nice things to say about him in interviews.

    • He didn’t say anything bad about her. You’re looking for drama where it doesn’t exists, by the way Emma Watson is the only HP cast member with a twitter account that HASN’T added or followed her HP cast members. I could spin that around as you do so well and say she doesn’t wish to be associated with the HP members, not the Philp twins or Matthew and even (yes u guessed it) TOM FELTON.
      Don’t over react, please .. I could spin a million Emma Waston interviews around to make her out to be a snotty person, but i don’t because I LOVE all the HP cast from Daniel to Bonnie Wright and everyone in between.
      Lots of Love to Feltbeats for updating us fans every min they come across Tom and HP news.

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