Tom Felton in the latest German magazines “Twist” and “hey!”

In the German magazines “Twist”, “hey!” and “BRAVO” are articles about “Harry Potter and the Deahtly Hallows”. In two of the magazines are interviews of Tom Felton. In the BRAVO are only 2 small sections of Tom about embarrassing experience in that time.

Draco my friend? Never!

He is one of the most likeable villains in showbiz. hey! met “Draco Malfoy” actor Tom Felton in London for an interview. And he is not as mean like Harry’s rival…

hey!: What can we expect in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”?
Tom: Everything is more intense and more violent. It’s no longer about who got whom more injured, now it’s about life and death!

hey!: Also between Harry and Draco?
Tom: Sure! They both have several opportunities to kill each other – or to help. Just as we didn’t know them before.

hey!: You were, initially, for the roles of Harry and Ron in conversation …
Tom: … and I had to dye my hair for three times for the casting. (laughs)

hey!: Would you have preferred to play one of the other character?
Tom: No way! Draco is a completely different type than I am, and that did attracted me. Honestly: He wouldn’t be my Friend for sure – I would likely make a big bow around him.

hey!: But, Daniel in his role as Harry and Rupert as Ron got the opportunities to kiss girls.
Tom: (laughs) Okay, I admit: I was jealous of both. But so far I really are happy with my role.

hey!: What girl on the set you’d like to kiss?
Tom: Oh, we filmed over ten years together, so I see almost all like sisters. But Helena Bonham Carter (plays the mean Bellatrix – and is 44 the red.) is my type. She’ve got something mysterious, which I like.

Twist: The last two movies of the Harry Potter Series are done. Are you gonna miss Draco?
Tom: Of course! He is a very big part of my life and I played his part for the last ten years.

Twist: How would you describe yourself in three words. Is there a little bit of Draco in you?
Tom: No, nonsense. I would describe myself as an ambitious open person and opposite Draco I am a nice guy. (laughs)

Twist: What was the most beautiful day in your life?
Tom: The day, four years ago, when I got my dog Timber, thus for sure. That was so exciting. I love her and I try to be firm with her but my girlfriend Jade spoils her rotten. (laughs)

Twist: If you could change something…what would that be?
Tom: I would like to be a little bit stronger, I am to skinny. A man of my age should eat more.

Twist: What are you doing without Harry Potter?
Tom: Don’t worry, I keep on acting. My newest movie “The Apparation” with “Twilight- girl” Ashley Green is starting at the movies next year. And one day I would like to direct my own movie.

in the horoscope of the magazine Twist

You’ll ever can count on Virgin-boys like me!


Cheat-casting Tom Felton: He talked about his favorite scene from the Harry Potter books, without having read them. This was of course noticed, primarily because he gave the same answers as the candidate in front of him.

It’s even hard for the parents of the stars…In part 3 Tom Felton was doubled by a dummy to look small in the arms of giant Hagrid. “It looked like, I was laying dead. My mother panicked and nearly fainted.”

5 thoughts on “Tom Felton in the latest German magazines “Twist” and “hey!”

  1. LOL, the crush on the older woman. Well, she is his type, dark hair, lumonious eyes and lots of wit. But, oh the poor crowd of Hogwart student extras, not a bone of interest thrown their way. This amuses me greatly, I can just imagine the imaginary crushes, gossip and dashed hopes on the HP sets over the years.

    He’s a funny guy.

    And, yes!!! He should eat more real food and pass on the fast food.

  2. Thomas has certainly a great sense of humor that’s for sure! *lol*

    I agree when it comes to the food, and that’s good to know he realized it by himself.

    However, I’m not quite sure than being ambitious gets along very well with open-mindness and kindness. Either you’re ambitious, either you’re open-minded, but never the two, Thomas. I’ve been there.

    With Love,


  3. …well,,,i have to admit that i love draco malfoy,,,so much!!♥♥ LOVE YOU DRACO OR TOM,,,,YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MY NUMBER ONE CRUSH♥♥♥

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