Tom Felton Dishes with the LOOK

In a recent interview with London’s weekly tabloid for young girls, LOOK Magazine, Tom dished on how he wish he’d stolen a broom from the Harry Potter sets, and how he is a young Casanova at heart.

“They keep all the brooms under lock and key. I may have to make one last little raiding trip the next time I’m back there!”

“I can’t tell you what I’ve stolen! They’ve given me Draco’s Slytherin ring, with a snake on it, and a tie pin.”

“I’m incredibly romantic. Young Casanova here! Once every couple of months, I do things properly.

“It sounds corny, but I also play ballads on the guitar.”

6 thoughts on “Tom Felton Dishes with the LOOK

  1. The message’s clear: brooms have become collectible, far beyond their utility to sweep dust into the corners! *lol*

    They’ve given you Draco’s Slytherin ring and a tie pin? Keep these safe, Honey. They’re precious memories by themselves.

    You already came up with being romantic and a young Casanova last February of this year, for Saint-Valentine’s Day, if my memory’s good…*grin*

    With love,


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