Tom Felton: “I’ll tell you something…”

Tom is in the latest German BRAVO GIRL, and he reveals many private details about himself. Thanks to Six String Production for the scan!

In Harry Potter he plays the villain Draco, but privately he is totally sweet. He tells us a lot of intimate secrets!

I fall in love through my nose:
“Sounds probably strange, but I think, a dream girl must smell good. I don’t mean with perfume, I mean her very own, personal smell. If she smells good, she will capture my heart in an instant.”

I love girls who are smaller than I am:
“I like it if the girls are a little smaller than I am. Maybe it’s because I’m not that tall at 1,74 meter (5’7″).”

I’m not available:
“Sorry girls! I’ve met my girlfriend Jade three years ago on the set of Harry Potter. And since then, we’ve been a couple.”

I need honesty:
“It’s important for me, that a girl is intelligent, honest and funny. She shouldn’t talk bad about others and she needs to have good manners. The worst sort of girls are those who always think they are right!!”

I love Berlin:
“I was in so many cities in Germany, but Berlin is my number one. I don’t like to go out often, but there you just must! There is music all over and in these little, cool bars are live bands all the time. The people are great and so many nations are living together in one city. Plus – the historical background is awesome! In this city so much has happened, and that’s what I really find interesting.”

I own a record label:
“I just founded it. We’re looking for new young artists. Ido make a bit of my own music there, and I play guitar. I’m working on my songs right now, and I hope that my album will come to the market by end of this year. Totally exciting.”

I want to go to the Munich October festival:
“There is a big party in Germany – the October festival! Must be fun. I really want to go there sometime!”

I love stuffed animals:
“If I’m in the room of a girl for the first time, I hope, that she’s got a lot of stuffed animals! Teddy bears are so cute, I think.”

I like Zoo-dates:
“They are so cool! You can take a walk, get to know each other and talk in quiet. And in the reptile house I can be the hero for the firl and take her in the arm – romantic pure!”

I hate high heels:
“Many boys like girls in high shoes, I think that’s so terrible. They look uncomfortable and don’t have any sexy effect on me. On the contrary – I find them a a mega turn-off!”

I’d really like to be the bad boy:
“It’s so much cooler, to play the bad boy. I had in the second film “Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets” as Draco so much fun! There is a scene, where Harry and Draco are on a long table in the Great Hall and they fight a duel. That was so cool! I like it, to play a character which is so different from what I am in real life. I’m not a bad boy at all. But that’s exactly the challenge for me.”

I don’t think I’m as hot as Draco:
“Draco’s got no charm. I don’t understand how somebody could find him hot. Well, okay, maybe because of the blond hair! I’m really happy, if the German girls like me in his role.”

I would like to go in Hogwarts to school:
“I’d like it if Hogwarts would really existed. That would be so exciting!

By the way, Tom is in the normal German BRAVO back to TOP about his outfits.

The “Harry Potter”-Boy (23) likes it privately more casual. He mixes a striped shirt with a college jacket. Even the color of the sneakers matched. Great.

12 thoughts on “Tom Felton: “I’ll tell you something…”

  1. I love the interview but… “Draco’s got no charm. I don’t understand how somebody could find him hot. Well, okay, maybe because of the blond hair!”?????? I disagree. Draco’s got a lot of charm and he’s hot as hell!! And it’s not because of the blond hair.

  2. He sounds like a sweetheart. But then, the Draco’s got no charm bit threw me off. He has tons of charm, with his bad boy spoiled rich kid background. Actually, it’s probably the blond hair the only thing that makes me not like him as much *laughs*

  3. Thomas, so do I like honesty, being fun and intelligence into a person. Having bad manners, talking bad about others, and wanting to be always right are also total turn-off for me.

    To fall in love with one’s nose is getting me more thinking of the hormones at work, than actual true feelings of love, Honey. Just sharing my point of view.

    I’m small sized, and as far as stuffed toys goes, got some guests of this kind into my room.

    I’m not surprised at all reading you coming up with zoo-dating: your first date with Jade was at the zoo, as you said so into into your song “Right Place, Right Time”. No wonder then you’re looking forward playing the hero into the reptiles house…*lol*

    With Love,


  4. Good to know some guys don’t care about teddy bears, there is still hope for me 🙂 I sometimes feel like a 6y old with all my stuffed animals. I just can’t stop buying them.

  5. aww tom’s seems like a really sweet guy & really popular in germany, but i like draco & i think he’s charming not just because of his blond hair, because of how he he seems to act cocky but gets too scared to kill

  6. I have never met Tom Felton but, he sounds really nice! I under stand how hard it is to play some one that’s not like you. Also I hate high heels. When ever I walk with them I always get blisters when I take them off. It feels weird when you take them off too. ❤I LOVE YOU TOM❤

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