Audio of Tom Felton from DH1 London press junket

Thanks to and for the audio of their interview with Tom at today’s press junket.

Tom sounds incredibly tired after only two hours sleep, but he’s quite lucid in his remembrances as they ask him about spending ten years as Draco, working on “Rise of the Apes, and what he may have taken from the set. He jokes about stealing Harry/Daniel and how “that is whole nother fantasy.” [he is the biggest shipper, I swear! 😉 ]

You can download the audio from their SendSpace page at this link.

As soon as video is up of the interview, we will let you know.

Thanks to Melissa for the heads up, and the sites for the audio!

5 thoughts on “Audio of Tom Felton from DH1 London press junket

  1. i hate all these sendspace kind of sites, they never allow me to download saying im already downloading something when im not. no one is.

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