Tom Felton: Press junket, photos, and video, oh my!

Because I’ve had entirely too much to drink to do these as separate posts, here are some updates on Tom from last nights HPDH1 world premiere and today’s press junket in London.

First up, he looks how I feel right now in this photo taken by Snitchseeker’s Emma Riddle. A bit meh, eh.

Nexties is this second video from this mornings Daybreak.

Also, here are some more fan videos of Tom taken at last nights red carpet. Don’t watch these if you’ve been drinking anything stronger than butterbeer. Trust me on this.

Don’t forget to check out our photo gallery [that is now working correctly] for photos of Tom from yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow depending on what time zone you are in. I LOVE this one for some reason. Do you have any favorites? Like the new look? Leave us a comment and let us know.

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton: Press junket, photos, and video, oh my!

  1. Hey! Although I wasn’t a huuuge Felton fan, I am getting there haha…he looks great with tanned skin and his natural hair colour! Though I’ve been asking (via twitter) what does the red pin stand for? Do you know? I’m dead curious about that

    • Okay.

      The red flower is a poppy and is worn in remembrance of veterans/soldiers. They’ve been sold in the US and the UK out of respect for soldiers and are typically worn at this time of year in honor of Veterans Day/Remembrance Day (November 11th) which was the signing of the armistice to end WW1 (I believe. Can’t remember. A bit drunk atm).

      Have you ever heard of the famous poem that begins “In Flander’s Fields the poppies blow…”? Poppies grew and were highly visible on the Western Front battlefields of WW1. They became symbolic for the soldiers that fought and died there.

      And that is the end of today’s history lesson. 🙂

      • Thank you for the explanation ♥ I was in doubt, but you take the doubt away. Also thank you for sharing the news, photos & vid! ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. He looks so different all tan! I get to see him in Denver next week for There With Care! I can’t wait, nothing that exciting ever happens here!

    • Yes, to have a tanned skin suits him better, and gives him a much healthier look as well.

      Nothing more normal for someone from the countryside, whom is spending a lot of time outdooors.

      Thanks a lot! No better way to start the day!

      With Love,


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