9 thoughts on “Video: Another interview of Tom Felton

  1. Poor Tom..he looks so tired. I wanted to give him a pillow right then and there.

    Wonderful thing about him is he’s so passionate and really into what’s he’s talking about despite of his apparent lack of sleep..

  2. It’s so nice seeing him in a relaxed, restaurant environment, it’s different from the other interviews he’s given. 🙂 And at one point he kept looking to the side, I wonder what he was looking at? He’s getting cuter with age, I remember already paying attention when he was in Anna and the King lol.

  3. Cool interview! Feels like he’s sitting right in front of you, and you can stare freely at him all the time! Love watching his movements and body language 😉 He’s soo captivating!! (Sorry, Tom!)

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  5. so wonderful…remember when Tom
    I talked about acting versus fishing some years ago…I told him how talented, charming and lucky he was to be so gifted…that I saw such a grand career for him….it’s here, you special young man!(Don’t quit your day job…hehe) love u…gm mimi

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