Random Tom Felton Title Goes Here with Video!

Courtesy of various sources, we have many interviews for you today that Tom has given as part of HP Promotional Extravaganza Tour over the past week.

For those of you that missed the Live Streams yesterday, you can watch Tom’s interview with MTV here at their site, and E!Online’s over at their Youtube.

Other Notable videos:
He talks being a Malfoy with onscreen dad Jason Isaacs at this link, and if you are in the UK, maybe you can get this video from MSN to work for you and let the rest of us know what he says? Yesterday morning, Tom spoke live via satellite with Breakfast Television Vancouver from… wherever he was at the time. He looks fabulous in his blue and gray ensemble, but I think he already knew that.

And last but not least, don’t forget to continue checking out our photo gallery for new photos of Tom from his HP Promotional Extravaganza. You never know, you may miss new ones such as this.

“What? What can I say? I’m a Slytherin!”

10 thoughts on “Random Tom Felton Title Goes Here with Video!

  1. I got the audio pretty well, it was the video that I had problems with on the video from MSN. I did my best to get the conversation between Tom and Jason for you.

    (Starts with previews and various comments from Dan, Rupert and Emma.)

    Tom Felton: “Hermione uh.”

    Jason Isaacs: “You haven’t seen it, have you?”

    Tom Felton: “No! No! No! I haven’t seen it, but as I…”

    Jason Isaacs: “Well, I’d like to hear your opinion.”

    Tom Felton: “Oh no I will! As a huge fan I hope that it it it makes every ya know, does the book justice. That’s always the main thing and my first question whenever, whenever I see fans from all over the world you always ask did it, did it, was it how you expected or is it better or worse and I’m always fascinated to hear their opinion.”

    (Later after comments from David Yates)

    Jason Isaacs: “They’re calling it the first part of the epic finale because it is, in fact, really the first part of what we like to think of as an epic finale.”

    Tom Felton: “Yes. Well said. And that, that pretty much hits it on the head I think there Jason.”

    (Finishes with more previews)

  2. The first video is funny!! 😀 -Sign my bag? -Let’s do it! The guy & girl screams… LOL 🙂 Tom smiles then! That video just made my day!

  3. Tom rules. He was such a sweetheart to actually come down the line and meet the fans. And I’ll stop snarking about how the rest of the evening’s interactions (or lack there of) were handled. ^__~

    Was Jade there?

  4. Loved the Malfoy/Malfoy interview, it is the first time I have heard anyone, let alone the principal cast, say that Lucius is abusive. Woot!! Fanon rules.

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