Tom Felton in the German BRAVO: Dan is my idol!

In the latest German BRAVO is a small article about Tom and his thoughts about Daniel Radcliffe.

Really Nice! The “Potter”-villain admires his friend and film-rival.

Like Daniel, he shines in the “Harry-Potter”-Saga. He has mega-success, is a real heartthrob. But, still: Tom Felton doesn’t see’s himself on the same level with his two-year younger colleagues: “Daniel is an amazing actor,” the Draco Malfoy actor says. “And if he doesn’t make a move, he takes acting- and dancelessons. He’s doing everything to get better!” Tom would like to have so much hard work and passion, “If I must shoot the same scene over and over for about two weeks, I’m easily bored. Daniel not at all.” What he also admires at his friend. “He remembers immediately the names of people he gets to know. I always forget them.” Without envy to admit, how great the other actor is? That makes you even more sympathetic, Tom!

3 thoughts on “Tom Felton in the German BRAVO: Dan is my idol!

  1. Yes, I’ve taken note more than once that boredom was Thomas’s worse enemy.

    However, I didn’t know he was quick to forget people’s names upon meeting them, like if he’s got a selective memory. I’ve got the same problem into the past, and it got me in troubles more than once, for it’s been interpreted as if I didn’t pay attention, as if I didn’t care, which isn’t a very thrilling feeling at all!

    With Love,


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