Tom Felton kills it on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show

Tonight, on what was the BEST Tonight Show I’ve seen in YEARS, Tom Felton showed his charming and hilarious side in his interview with Jay Leno.

He discussed his start in acting and getting hand-me-downs from his older brothers, and what it was like filming HP with Alan Rickman. (He told the “Don’t step on my effing cloak” story we’ve heard before, but it’s so funny – we’ll gladly hear it again!). It was a great interview! He had Julianne Moore (the other guest on the show) in hysterics several times.

After musical guest Nelly’s song, all three guests were brought onto the stage to say goodbye (Tom, Julianne and Nelly). Tom and Nelly shook hands, and as they walked off the stage, you could see Nelly pulling Tom aside to speak with him. What do you think he had to say? =) Think Nelly is a big Potter fan?

Here is a link to view a short snippet video on The Tonight Show’s website. As soon as we have a longer clip, we’ll bring it to you!

UPDATE: You can see more photos in our gallery.

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