Tom Felton’s Ray Marsden And His “White Other” Code

For those of you watching closely, Ray Marsden has provided the final piece of the puzzle in order to watch “White Other” as a thank you to his friends for the support and birthday wishes. If you’ve solved the code, than you know what to look for and where to find it. Unfortunately, Ray had some issues with getting the word out, but we used our friends to make things happen so now everyone in the world can know how things went down.

Friend Ray. Solve the code. Watch “White Other“.

19 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s Ray Marsden And His “White Other” Code

  1. I’m terrible at this. I’ve tried every letter and number I can find in the video. There must be a lot of people smarter than me! lol

  2. I saw it, i saw it! and it was brilliant! Tom did a fantastic job! The end left my jaw on the ground. Yea, it was cool!soo worth the wait!

  3. OMG It was amazing! cried like a baby! And then the end I was so shocked! I still can’t believe all the emotions I’ve had in such a short time. Wonderful performance!

  4. okay, quick question. I have the code but I have no idea what to do with it! I can’t find where I have to enter the code to watch it :L could someone send a link to the page? x x x

    • Go to the info section of the Ray Marsden facebook page. Scroll to the bottom, and The Film link is in his basic information section. The code promotion is now over, so while that is TOTALLY AWESOME you now it, it’s no longer required.

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