Tom Felton and the Videos Aplenty

The internet has come alive today with videos of Tom being his honest to goodness self. Between mini-golfing on MTV’s the Seven and being interviewed along side HP dad Jason Isaacs, we can see Tom signing autographs for fans and talking HP with various news outlets across the US.

In this first one, he’s on MTV’s The Seven doing what he likes best – golfing. Okay, he’s really mini-golfing, but I don’t think he minded.

With KWGN CW 34 out of Denver, CO:

Speaking with WOFL FOX 35 of Orlando, FL :

Discussing with onscreen Dad Jason Isaacs

And another one…

Tom signing autographs in New York:

A short video of Tom and his Lord and master Ralph Fiennes on the red carpet in New York

And speaking with Moviefone at the same place.

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