More Tom Felton Interviews from his HP Promotional Extravaganza Tour

We have a few more various interviews for you today Tom has given with various sources around the globe. We have Tom talking about being a nice guy with the cutest young reporters ever, Ally and Mackenzie of Olcott, New York through the Associated Press. Next he spoke with WENN blog about his role in “Rise of the Apes” and how his friends were disappointed he was cast as a human in it. And finally, we have two more interviews Tom gave alongside onscreen dad Jason Isaacs. Enjoy.

With Ally and Mackenzie:

Ally and Mackenzie: Is it hard for you to be nice in the real world when you are so mean in the movies?

Felton: I think it actually makes me slightly nicer. I think I get to vent my day-to-day frustrations and annoyances through this Hitler-like child, and by doing so, it seems to be quite therapeutic. And hopefully, I’m a slightly friendlier soul.

Ally and Mackenzie: Are you a bit like your character in a way (no offense)?

Felton: I’m glad they said no offense, because I get a lot of genuine journalists saying, “How similar are you to your character?” … God, I hope I’m not anything even remotely close, other than in the way we look. I think we’re polar opposites. I like to think of myself as a fairly un-Draco-esque character.

Ally and Mackenzie: You played a major role in Dumbledore’s death but didn’t actually kill him. How do you feel about that?

Felton: It was never in Draco, really. The task was never going to be performed by him. … Granted that he set it up and that whole journey led him to where he is now, where he thinks, I don’t want to do this anymore. And as fixated as he was on becoming this chosen one of the dark side, it was that one event, actually, I think, seeing Dumbledore going before his eyes. I really enjoyed the shots of afterward, where you see the sort of evil team leaving Hogwarts, with Draco as sort of this lost child, looking at things around him, thinking, I don’t want to leave here. This is my home, this is my sanctuary, or at least somewhere I feel safe. And from that day onward, he’s banished. So it’s a real sad time for Draco. I feel deeply sorry for the poor boy.

With WENN:

He tells WENN, “It’s called ‘Rise of the Apes’ and it is a fantastic story and explanation of how the apes from ‘Planet of the Apes’ came to power. It’s definitely one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. The first question my friends asked was, ‘Are you playing a human?’ and when I said yes they were quite disappointed – because they wanted to see me as a monkey.”

“We’ve got Andy Serkis, from “Lord of the Ring”s, playing the lead ape all with motion capture. It’s really pushing the boundaries of “Avatar”-style CGI, so it’s gonna really set a new precedent I think.” On his character, he explains, “In the film my character’s father owns a primate facility. Of course I’m not the kindest man to my residents and I torture them with a whole host of weapons.”

3 thoughts on “More Tom Felton Interviews from his HP Promotional Extravaganza Tour

  1. Thomas, there’s at least one thing I can somewhat rely about, and understand very well, it’s the importance of remaining accessible, kind and friendly with anyone one can get across into a lifetime.

    For it’s true that if we forget to be so, let it be just for one day, it can affect us for a more or less long period of time, before we actually do realize it.

    Therefore, that’s why we’ve to stay open-minded, kind and friendly with our neighbors, friends and relatives, and throw into the fire any thought inviting us to do otherwise.

    I love how you resumed Draco into your interview with Ally and MacKenzie. For the simple reason that it’s you who’s taken the words out of my mouth for once! *lol*

    With Love,


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