Tom Felton and Stewie Griffin have something in common.

Tom spoke recently with STV about Draco’s head through the years, and how co-star Daniel Radcliffe is now an action hero.

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Harry Potter star Tom Felton has spoken to STV about the increasingly well-rounded shape of his noggin in the Harry Potter series, as well as talking about what’s in story for his character Draco Malfoy in the latest movie.

Tom joked about his early appearance: “In the first film my head was like a plum, it was literally rounded like a football, and slowly it’s thinned out somewhat, yeah!”
Tom Felton: Draco Malfoy’s head was like a plum in first Harry Potter movie

When asked if he ever cringes looking back, he joked: “It’s hard not to, especially when you’ve got a group of friends around you, needless to say. They’ve taken the mickey out of me quite a bit.

“It’s strange actually, because we look back, and obviously we’re really proud of the early films and so forth, but they’re so different especially from this newest one, it couldn’t be more of a polar opposite.

“When you look at Daniel now he’s a fully fledged action hero, and when he first joined he was nothing more than a timid child, so it’s really odd actually. But needless to say my friends make sure, whenever it’s on TV, that I’m forced to watch it!”

After his character Draco “failed rather miserably” in the first film, the new movie sees him confront what others want him to become.

Tom explained: “Number seven continues that journey exactly, where we see Draco in his house, and obviously it’s been infiltrated by Voldermort, who’s an awful house guest, I must admit!

“Draco’s petrified, he’s terrified. He’s been told that if he didn’t kill Dumbledore in the last film he’s going to get it in this one. He thinks at any moment the Malfoys could be struck off the face of the planet.”

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