Tom Felton Revels in the Loss of his Mojo

In speaking with Jeanne Wolf of, Tom discusses Draco’s identity crisis in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” losing his mojo, reveling in seeing Draco’s name in the books, and what he plans on doing in the future.

Losing his mojo.
“It’s been a great journey for Draco. He’s always obviously looked up to his father, Lucius because he’s been such a powerful and scary figure. Now, Lucius is sort of falling apart and Voldemort is taking away his dark powers. That makes Draco think twice about whether he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. I think Draco has never had it in him to be the evil ‘Chosen One,’ which is not to say that he’s a nice guy by any standard. And he proves that in Part 2.”

Dueling wands.
“Daniel and I have a pretty spectacular battle with our wands. It was very cool. We actually spent quite a few weeks rehearsing those moves to make it look like a real shoot-out. I’m not saying who wins, but I’ll bet you can guess.”

Saving the best for last.

“It’s not like the other films have been half-assed at all, but this one really felt like there was a different energy on set. It was the longest shoot by quite a margin because we were obviously shooting two films at once. It really felt like every cast and crew member really poured their absolute heart and soul into it to make sure we ended with a real bang. I think Deathly Hallows will blow the other films away, especially Part 2.”

His secret pleasure in reading J. K. Rowling’s books.

“I just revel in the pages where I see Draco’s name. I think, ‘Oh my God, this is it. This is cool. Look at what he’s up to now.’ I remember when the sixth one came out, I read it within probably 12 hours after it hit bookstores. I didn’t actually wait in the long line to get it. I had a friend who did it for me.”

What he’s given up during all those years of filming.

“I missed a few school trips. It’s a little late to go to Legoland now. We missed that boat, unfortunately. But, it’s been totally worth it to lose a little of your childhood. I think that even though we’ve finished filming, that will not be the end of us sort of portraying the characters. I think there will always be a little bit of them inside of us that will always remain.”

Future plans.

“I was always a little uncertain, to be honest, whether this was path I wanted to choose. But, now, I’ve really built up a passion for filmmaking. Not just acting, but the whole everything that goes into it, the lighting and the sound recording and all the rest of it. I’d certainly love to continue it for as long as I can.”


3 thoughts on “Tom Felton Revels in the Loss of his Mojo

  1. Of course, Draco has never had it to begin with. Which doesn’t mean he doesn’t possess any kindness, altough into the second half of the book, as you’re saying, he proves it.

    I’d rather say that when you know you’ve got a Damocles’ sword above your head, you’re comply to obey, which I’m certain happened to Draco, resulting solely with the revelation of the double-faced nature of Crabbe and Goyle. It’s all in the dialogue.

    Of course, Thomas, there always will be a bit of Draco reamining inside of you. You brought himto life, after all.

    Whatever endeavour you’ve got into filmmaking, I’m wishing you to continue as long as possible, for I’ve never met before somebody as interested into everything as me.

    God Bless you.

    With Love,


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