Tom Felton and a Coven Full of Regrets

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has published a short series on all the Harry Potter villains, and you guessed it, Tom’s Draco Malfoy was part of the list. In the short interview, Tom discusses Draco’s regrets, and being surrounded by some of the nicest villains out there – Jason Issacs, Alan Rickman, and Ralph Fiennes.

Tom Felton

The son of a (now-disgraced) disciple of Voldemort, Draco has been raised from birth to loathe HArry and everything he stands for. From the day they met in The Sorcerer’s Stone, Draco tried to make Harry’s life miserable. But things changed after Draco allowed Bellatrix and her fellow Death Eaters to attack his school in The Half-Blood Prince. “He’s an exile,” says Felton, “no longer welcome at Hogwarts.”

Regrets, he has a few: In The Deathly Hallows-Part 1, Harry breaks into Malfoy Manor, which has been taken over by Voldemort. “When [Draco] sees Harry again,a fter being surrounded by all that evil,” says Felton, “he realizes he’s actually been fighting on the wrong side. But of course his hands are tied.”

It takes a coven: Growing up on a movie set could have been tricky. But Felton says “the villains have really been taking ultimate care of me. Jason [Isaacs] has been very paternal, and Alan [Rickman] and Ralph [Fiennes] have been very kind with their time.”

You can see the entire article with full page scans thanks to Snitchseeker.

3 thoughts on “Tom Felton and a Coven Full of Regrets

  1. To allow the Death Eaters to attack one’s school certainly was without question a huge mistake.

    For by doing so, Draco’s lost his safe haven, his one true home, so much unlike Malfoy Manor’s oppressing atmosphere.

    But it’s always by doing such errors, does one realize he’s been fighting on the wrong side all along, for being persuaded to possess the one and only truth.

    I much prefer Jason into his paternal role at your side, Thomas, more than him actually being into Lucius’s shoes!

    With Love,


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