Tom Felton was guest in “Attack of the Show”

G4TV has uploaded the video of “Attack of the show” with Tom Felton as guest on their site.

Slytherin is in the house! Tom Felton talks to Kevin Pereira about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, the successful box office numbers and his role as Draco Malfoy. Get ready for a whole lot of parseltongue. Or not.

13 thoughts on “Tom Felton was guest in “Attack of the Show”

  1. his slash dreams – LOL ))))
    Tom, keep the car window close) Your fans are warring about you and your hair)
    And again this story about fan, who called himself Malfoy.)
    Why didn`t he ask about Dramione fanfic and pairing)))) HE IS A SLASHER! Oh, yes))

    Tom is so positive) It`s great! I like his smile^^

    • The more casual Thomas is, the better relaxed, comfortable and happy he is, would be my guess.

      He really took pleasure and fun recounting the anecdotes about being having his hair pulled last year, and being proposed to be adopted by a man which changed his name for Malfoy.

      I love it when he’s ready to get a laugh like that. I bet I wouldn’t see the evening going by! *lol*

      With Love,


  2. rotfl 😀 A fun interview. Too funny the comment about their fans sending in packets of white powder and how they sniff it all, lmao!!

  3. Tom, I am a girl from China, I am your loyal supporters.
    I have read a lot of your movies, you acting is really great ~
    In particular, it makes me of Draco is very impressive, you put him play of very true ~
    I often think “aha, Draco is so!”
    Refueling, looking forward to your new movie ~!

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