When Karma Attacks: Tom Felton and His Second Take at 19 Years Later

At first it appeared that Tom had lucked out when it came to the call for re-shooting of the dreaded epilogue to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2,” but we all spoke too soon. It seems Tom received the official word yesterday that he’s been called up for one more day in the makeup chair.

Will Draco’s “19 Years Later” look be improved upon? Will the scraggly goatee stay? Or is this only karma’s way of getting back at Tom for joking about the Trio’s call back to action? Only time will tell, Feltfans. 😉

Tom told Geoff Boucher at the LA Times:

“I got the call today,” Felton said Tuesday. “I have to go back for one more day of re-shoots. So I’m going back in a couple weeks to do, literally, one more day.”

“I knew that Dan, Rupert and Emma were called in and I was enjoying that, I was joking that, ‘Oh, I got it on the first take so I don’t need any of that, going back to do it again.’ And here I am eating my own words and going back to redo it. They just want to get a couple of extra camera shots. I don’t think anything was done wrong, they just want to cover it more. It could literally be a case of panning the shot five degrees to the left or whatever just to make sure the CGI shot work. So I’m going to go and serve my duty.”

13 thoughts on “When Karma Attacks: Tom Felton and His Second Take at 19 Years Later

  1. He’s supposed to look like he’s 37 not 60!!!!! I hope they fix that and make him look a little younger. Either way, I’m sure Tom will do a great job!!!!

  2. Good. Draco’s supposed to be a sexy older man like his father (pre-Deathly Hallows). Clean shaven and hair slicked back. Not whatever that was.
    Let’s hope they get it right this time!

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