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The magazine ONE has again published a special edition of Harry Potter. In this Edition are again many interviews of the stars mentioned and various other details of the shooting. The magazine is available in Germany and France. Apart from those two countries, I don’t know if this will appear in others.


Actually, everything in the interview is already known, but nevertheless here the translation:

Tom Felton played one of the opponent from Harry Potter, although he is one of the most liked actor of the saga. The reason is simple: Even when he brought our blood on the screen to freezing, in real life he is a sympathetic guy with a lot humor.

Most of the actors did got the feeling, that they’d lost their family after the end of the saga. Is this the same case for you?
Unfortunately yes. Returning to a normal life is hard. About almost every year we came together, it was part of our life, and now I need to compensate an emptiness in my life. That’s not easy. But all good things come to an end. Today, I’m sad, that this adventure is behind us, but I’m thrilled about what the future will bring for me.

What was the atmosphere like on the last day of filming?
I wasn’t on set at the last day, but we did see us all on the farewell party which the Production-Company organized. They were all there, in the great hall of Hogwarts, which seemed so small without the spotlights and cameras. We all had a big lump in our throats, as we knew, that we probably will be for the last time there together. I had massive goose bumps und must admit, that I really had problems holding back my tears… In this moment I did understand, how important the past years were for us and how much fun we had…

Will there be things, you won’t miss?
Sure, the scenes where I flew on a magic broom. It might be funny to look at those scenes as a viewer. But shooting was a nightmare, because you were in a harness that sits really tight and we hardly could move. That won’t be a thing I’m gonna miss.

How did you react, as you saw your face with the Make-Up for the closing scene?
I had so problems, to recognize myself. Dan and I, we talked about this particular scene often and asked us self, what the Make-Up-Artist is gonna do with us. And the result made us speechless! But I will not say anything about it, because the second part of the movie is out in summer next year.

Although, that you were the villain in the story, you have a lot of female fans. Can you explain that?
The only explanation for Draco’s success could be, that the girls like Bad Boys! It seems, that JK Rowling isn’t happy about that fact, because he is a really bastard in the book… Not everyone could be an apt pupil and can be at the same time a hero, right?

James and Oliver Phelps told us, that some of the younger fans were scared to speak to you, as they feared you…
Oh yeah, that’s true! Over all the years we had visits of very young fans at the set. First, they were so happy to see Dan, Rupert and the others. As soon they saw me, they did ran away. It happened often, that they cried and really wanted to go home. I must say, that has brought me to smile and I must hold on me to not make fun of them.

What are your next projects, after closing the Draco chapter?
I’d closed just now the shooting for Rise of the Apes, a kind of pre-story to Planet of the Apes. It was a big production and I’m so happy to attend in it. Apart from that, I worked together with Ashley Greene from Twilight in The Apparition. It is a fantastic Horror-Thriller. Beside my acting I’m working a lot on my music. I hope, to bring out soon a CD. Music is so important to me and I hope, the Harry Potter-fans will like what I do!

While you were working with Ashley Greene, did she talk about Twilight?
No, but my girlfriend, she’s a huge fan of the saga, is talking about it all the time. We were in Sicilia and she had the stunning idea, taking one of the books with her. Result: She couldn’t put the book out of her Hands and spoke not one word with me the whole vacation! (laughs) She knows everything about the Edward and Jacob – teams. I’m not really interested in it (laughs).

Thanks RUPERT-GRINT.US we also have a scan of the French edition.

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