Tom Felton says THANKS to the Japanese fans for the supporting has uploaded this video with a special message from Tom for the Japanese fans. The video was made as part of the junket interviews at the end of this summer. Thanks!

We also have some new photos of Tom from his Japan trip. Thanks to all for uploading the photos and special to our Japanese friends Tom Felton News formerly Our Dearest Tom.


Tom Felton on Twitter:
Lots of pictures were taken of me here in tokyo today so I though I thought id do some snapping of my own, enjoy x

5 thoughts on “Tom Felton says THANKS to the Japanese fans for the supporting

    • He’s fallen in love with the people and the country, like many other travelers! *lol*

      Thomas’s gratitude for his Fans shows every single time he’s got the possibility to meet some. He knows how to say thank you, unlike most persons which takes everything for granted and as a due into this world.

      With Love,


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