Tom Felton Speaks with Ryan Seacrest

The interview Tom gave with Ryan Seacrest for his national radio program is now available online courtesy of Tom speaks once again about growing up in the world of Harry Potter via phone call from Japan where he is attending fan events.

Many thanks to my Hubs for the heads-up, and Sandra for the link.

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton Speaks with Ryan Seacrest

  1. Hi, Tom. Only I wanted to say you that I don´t mind about your private life of your dear girlfriend. I´m a big fan of Harry Potter and for me it´s more important to know things about the movie. Goodbye.

  2. I know is a Tom Felton website, I love his songs and when he is playing Draco Malfoy, but I think that the interview was about what he was going to do after Harry Potter films. Goodbye and I´m going to go to the Harry Potter website. Thanks.

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